Three reasons not to outsource your blog

Everyone is a writer - Outsource your blogWant to outsource your blog? Many companies have the best of intentions when it comes to blogging, but few succeed over the long term. Outsourcing to external copywriters is one solution.

Have a quick read of our three reasons not to outsource your blog, and see if it makes up your mind. Email us with any questions, we would love to talk to you.

1. Anyone can write

Why pay for someone else to write for you, when there are probably lots of people in your organisation who can write? People write all day long – emails, presentations, proposals, and so on. Sure, not everyone writes to the same level. But does that really matter?

Yes, reading badly edited or stilted copy can be a bit tedious. But if it gets the message across then where is the harm? Same goes for the odd spelling mistake or grammar issue. Some would say that your blog and website represent your brand, and help people to form a first impression of your company. But we are just talking about words aren’t we? Well, words and reputations. And branding. And really the presentation of your entire company.

So it would seem not everyone can indeed write. A little bit of attention and dedication to the process is required. Let’s move on to the next point.

2. Finding the time to blog is easy

Writing a blog post takes no time at all. Planning a post, and finding a theme or narrative is unnecessary. Doing the required research, well that is what Wikipedia is for. The actual writing, heck 700 words can take less than half an hour on a good day. A bit of proofing and an image from Google and the job is done.

Your employees have pretty busy schedules, but fitting in a couple of blog posts every week should be no trouble. Worst case they could sneak one out in a meeting, or when they should be responding to a sales call.

Finding the time to blog might not be that easy after all. This is true of large and small organisations alike. Let’s see what the third point has to add.

3. The odd short post every now and then is plenty

A blog doesn’t need regular fresh content, that is all a bit of myth. If a few months go by without anything new being posted, then that is generally fine. Any posts you do manage to write can be short, just get anything up and live. Google can be a bit sniffy about this kind of strategy, even going as far as to issue official advice advising the opposite. But what do they know? And passing leads and potential customers won’t mind if your blog feels a bit half hearted when they visit. They will likely quickly find a rivals to make them feel better.

Short infrequent posts are especially acceptable if you run a technology or technical company. You might talk to clients about good communications, the power of blogging, and maybe recommend related enterprise tools. But it really doesn’t matter if your own blog is a bit average. It might just be a bit awkward in the odd sales or pitch meeting.

So good quality content (you can read the rest of our blog here to see some more examples) is important after all. Maybe we were a little hasty in writing the title for this post! If you would like to discuss the ideas raised here, or you think you might want to outsource your blog, then feel free find out a little more about our services. 

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