The SharePoint Blog is no more

Thank you for following a link to the SharePoint Blog, which used to be found at Unfortunately due to a lack of time and resources we have had to discontinue that blog. A lack of good planning on our side also means that we don’t have a copy of the post you were looking for. Sorry about that.


But wait, all is not lost

However all is not yet lost. We are running a new blog on this, our new site. Fifty Five and Five is a content marketing company that works closely with SharePoint vendors. Our blog, Take Fifty Five, contains lots of useful SharePoint content. Why not take a look? You can view the blog in its entirety here. We hope you stick around.

SharePoint Blog
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  1. Thanks for the new blog which is specially created for sharepoint development blog as per you said. Actually, we all need it so thanks for it. :)

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