Metalogix case study

Metalogix Informative and engaging copywriting in a range of formats.

Defining the future of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

At just 15 years old, Metalogix has already stated their case as one of the leading voices in cloud collaboration. A business that continues to evolve as quickly as the technology they specialise in, Metalogix were looking for a new content campaign to inform audiences of the new and varied services they offer. Fifty Five and Five’s fully-fledged content offering ensured that message was broadcast to as many people as possible.

Bringing insights and clarity to complex subjects

We work regularly with Metalogix to provide a wealth of content in the form of whitepapers, eBooks and blogs. A lot of our work focuses on the complexities of maintaining availability, performance and security of content across enterprise systems.

Working closely with teams and stakeholders, we have built a clear understanding of the business challenges (and solutions) Metalogix are focused on. From detailing synopses to signing off finished work, we are able to support the team responsively and flexibly.

A range of content

Providing Metalogix with the full content spectrum, we create colloquial and friendly blog posts alongside longer form Whitepapers and eBooks. Our copywriting team have forged strong relationships with Metalogix' product specialists to gain in-depth knowledge around their tools and to keep up to date on all their latest tools and features.

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