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Sharegate Marketing with a fresh and unique voice

Sharegate’s solutions have helped thousands of organisations worldwide update their business IT thanks to expert migration, auditing and security management. They drive leads through a strong content and blogging strategy, where they combine thought leadership and ‘how to’ guides with more technically complicated articles. Their content marketing has a lot of personality behind it and they needed an agency to help maintain their consistent output without sacrificing their unique voice.

A clear focus

Since 2014, we have collaborated frequently with Sharegate to develop a consistent number of blogs each month covering the varied services they provide to customers. We also concentrate on making sure the content is fun, engaging and informative – whether it is a thought leadership piece, an advice column, or an in-depth technical article targeted at fellow developers.

Over the years we have established a strong relationship with Sharegate and their product and IT specialists, helping us fully understand what they do to deliver value for their customers. We use that knowledge and experience to create expert content marketing that will engage and enlighten their audience.

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marketing strategy for technology products

Technology marketing isn’t about technology: what you SHOULD be doing instead

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  • Learn what to focus your technology marketing on
  • Creating your B2B marketing strategy with your audience's needs in mind


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ne of the most common mistakes IT companies make is thinking that technology marketing is about technology. They believe that the people on their mailing lists, the followers on their social media feeds and the visitors who come across their website want to find out about the technology they sell.

This seems like a sensible approach. Unfortunately, it’s also totally wrong – because technology marketing isn’t about technology.

So, what is it about, if not the features of the products you sell and the services you provide?

Free tips for technology marketing - don't mention IT

Let’s see how Microsoft, one of the world’s leading IT companies, and surely the biggest B2B tech provider in the world, markets Word - their flagship word-processor.

Spoiler: they barely mention the technology.

Below is a screen clipping of the Microsoft Word product page. Have a quick read of the page’s titles, as well as some of the body copy.

  • Do you notice any mention of the ability to edit, save and print documents?
  • Does it describe how you can copy, move, paste and delete text?
  • Does it talk about the formatting features, or tell you how many font types come as standard?
  • Are these, or any other powerful features of a word processing tool covered in any detail?

The short answer: no.

marketing strategy for technology products

Instead of listing Word’s features, Microsoft’s copywriters have taken a totally different approach to technology marketing, focusing on how:

  • Word helps bring out your best writing
  • Word allows you to collaborate with friends and colleagues regardless of location or device
  • Word empowers you to work in the way you want

Of course, Word is one of the world’s most widely used IT products, so Microsoft hardly needs to explain what it is in their marketing. Nonetheless, you’d find the same approach with almost any successful technology company: they realise that technology marketing isn’t about tech and features. Instead, it’s about their target audience’s needs.

For more inspiration from Microsoft, read our blog: Learn from the Microsoft marketing strategy to increase leads for your company

What does your audience want?

Place yourself in your target customer’s shoes. Why are they interested in your IT company’s products or services?

Marketing best practice always emphasises the importance of focusing on the audience’s needs – talking about ‘how we help you’ rather than ‘what we do’. The simple reason being that when your marketing communications focus on the reader’s problems and how you solve them, it’s much clearer if you’re the right vendor for their needs.

Compare the technology marketing messages below and decide which you think is more effective:

'Us' approach 'You' approach
Products company "Our tool is very fast, stores lots of data and is super powerful" "You need a fast, powerful tool that can store lots of data to become more efficient and cut costs"
Services company "We are the experts in technology A and we have a lot of experience working with it" "Make your deployment of technology A even more successful by working with the most experienced team around"

Clearly, these examples are pretty rudimentary, yet in most cases, the ‘you’ approach is much more likely to resonate with your audience. The reader has to make less of an effort to understand what your company does, and if you can help them.

By focusing on the reader in your technology marketing – be it your blog, your emails or your paid ads – you show you empathise with them and their problems. This builds trust, while also helping them ‘decode’ your marketing communications more easily. This makes it much more likely that they will decide to pick up the phone or register their interest on a website form.

How to produce effective technology marketing

In order to produce the kind of technology marketing that really resonates with readers, your communications should focus on their problems:

  • Focus on their pain points
    List all the problems that people who buy your products or service tend to have. Whether that’s trouble building project reports, difficulty providing secure devices to their staff or trouble analysing their data
  • Focus on their gain points
    In what way does your product or service offer your reader personal or professional gains? Do you offer peace of mind with great security products, an impressive new intranet to ‘wow’ their boss, a tool that saves them thousands of pounds on marketing?
  • Focus on the buyer’s job role
    What does the buyer spend their day doing? Create communications that resonate with them – whether you talk to the fact they spend all day in meetings or spend hours rewriting sales proposals. Show them you understand how their job and industry works. If they believe you understand the problem, they’ll believe your solution is more likely to fix it.
  • Focus on the buyer’s ambitions
    Are they a small business owner looking to grow fast? Are they a public sector IT manager trying to cut costs? Are they the new head of sales that wants to make a big impact from day one? Whatever their goals or ambitions, your marketing content needs to refer to these personal and professional targets.

Read more: creating personas for marketing that have impact

By producing technology marketing which corresponds with these buyer ambitions, pains and gains, you are far more likely to produce marketing materials which really resonate. Instead of focusing on tech and the features of your product or service, when your message is about benefits, positive experiences, quick wins and growth, your marketing will generate far more leads and sales.

Need help with your technology marketing efforts? Fifty Five and Five help leading IT companies like Dimension Data, Nintex and produce marketing material which resonates with their buyers’ problems and ambitions and drives sales. 

Fifty Five and Five are a full-service digital marketing agency, guiding clients through the entirety of the content process—from ideation and creation to distribution and analytics. For more information about how we can help your technology marketing, get in touch with us today.

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