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4 steps to creating the best Microsoft Partner blog post ideas

  • Tips on how Microsoft Partners can come up with new blog post ideas
  • Types of blog post you should be writing to keep your content fresh
If you turn your blog into a stream of insightful, actionable and interesting content, you can expect your audience to begin relying on you for information around the topics that concern them. From there, you can start to build relationships with new and existing customers, enhance your reputation and increase leads.

But, to blog consistently, new blog post ideas must come through consistently too. However, coming up with a constant stream of new blog post ideas can be challenging – especially when you’ve got a business to run.

So how do you keep new blog post ideas coming through the pipeline?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can achieve a consistent blogging output, the things you can do to create the best new blog post ideas, and the methods we use at Fifty Five and Five to keep generating interesting content.

How to generate amazing new blog post ideas: 4 powerful tips

1. Create an editorial strategy

A blog that seems to cover a random selection of topics will confuse more than captivate. To combat this, putting together an editorial strategy will provide you with the structure to the content you write about. By finding a consistent theme, you avoid the trap of writing about too many different things.

Once a strategy is in place, you can create your ‘content calendar’—a prioritized list of what you’re publishing (based on your editorial strategy). The editorial theme will usually generate ideas by itself – once you have a focus, it’s usually quite straightforward to keep coming up with variations on that topic.

2. Focus on the reader

Most businesses are great at writing about themselves—this is fine for an ‘about us’ page,  where people are specifically trying to learn about the history of your company. However, this won’t suffice on your blog. Your blog is all about the reader, not you. It should highlight and solve problems your audience can relate to.

Let’s use an example: if you’re a SharePoint consultancy, should you create:

  1. A blog post about your latest company news?
  2. A post on the difficulty of migrating to SharePoint Online?

The answer should be obvious.

Blogs that answer the common problems facing your target audience are significantly more valuable to them than those that don’t. You also know your customers well, and you therefore should know their problems well too.

When generating new blog post ideas, spend time working on ideas which will resolve the issues that are regularly encountered by your customers. If you don’t have them yet, create personas so you have a reference point for your typical customer and their challenges.

3. Draw on your internal expertise

Your employees often have a first-person view into the challenges clients or customers face every day.

To use another example: imagine you’re a Microsoft Partner that specialises in project management and has a tool that integrates and improves on Microsoft Project Online.

Asking your Project Online deployment team about their experience with previous customers can uncover a huge amount of fresh content ideas. What did customers like most about the tool? What were the kinds of challenges they were dealing with before? What ways did your solution help? You then have the base information for a blog post – or even a series.

4. Create industry-specific content

Most products that Microsoft have created can be deployed in multiple verticals. This means there are countless opportunities for creating content which shows how the tech you specialise in can be made relevant to different industries.

Creating new blog post ideas targeted at certain sectors demonstrates your company’s expertise in delivering specific solutions or services to problems that are unique to customers within a certain market.


7 common types of blog post you should be writing

Another element to keeping your company blog feeling fresh is to mix up the styles of content you produce. Let’s look at 7 common types of blog post you can write to spark ideas and generate leads.

1. Write a blog series

Good for breaking down larger topics, enabling you to give specific areas the detail they need.

2. How-To posts

Tutorial-style posts are popular as they offer readers tangible advice on how to solve a problem.

3. Listicles

These are a good method of breaking up otherwise dense content and making it easy to digest.

4. Interviews

An interview can provide real insight to your audience, either drawing on the expertise of your internal staff or a big name from the industry.

5. News and Events posts

Keep your audience updated on the latest goings-on in the world of Microsoft or your sector (but avoid the temptation to turn it into a boring company news feed).

6. Checklists

These are a kind of combination between a How-To and a Listicle, giving readers an actionable list of tasks or tips they can implement themselves.

7. Comparison posts

This is a great way to show your tool’s capabilities versus a competitor’s.

Endless inspiration for blog post ideas

By following the tips outlined in this article, you can create blog post ideas that stay fresh and continue to engage your audience. Before you know it, you’ll have a blog calendar that’s filled with genuinely engaging and interesting content and an audience that keeps coming back for more.

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