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5 ways to improve your Microsoft Partner marketing with benchmarking

  • Without ranking your work, it’s difficult to measure your progress
  • See where you are in relation to your peers 
  • Find out about essential Microsoft Partner marketing tool

If you’re a Microsoft Partner looking to improve your digital marketing strategy, then we have the perfect tool for you.

The Microsoft Partner Benchmarking Tool, made by Fifty Five and Five for Microsoft, is designed to diagnose the health of partners’ digital marketing, in terms of their website, blogs and social media. It measures a range of metrics across all three channels, and provides you with clear quantifiable metrics to judge your own success. Using this data, you can identify where improvements can be made with granular detail, down to the frequency and quality of your content. So how does it work in practice – and how can you use it to make the best of your marketing strategy? Read on to find out more.

1. Diagnose your progress

The first thing you’ll notice when you run a Partner Benchmarking Test is your overall marketing score out of 100. This score averages out the different achievements across the three channels we test; your website, blog and social media platform. You’ll have to look in more detail to find out more about each one, but your overall score will give you a good ‘at a glance’ understanding of how your marketing efforts are performing.

This score takes into account a number of factors which you can examine in more detail. As well as the performance of your blog and social platforms, it’ll also account for technical elements of your website, like link quality and other related SEO factors.

Microsoft Partner Benchmarking tool score

2. Rank your channels

Once you’ve looked at your overall score, it’s helpful to next understand how that’s broken down across your different channels. This means comparing the scores for your website, blog and social media platforms against one another. You’ll be able to clearly see where you’re performing well and which sections could be improved.

If for example, you find that your blogs and website platforms are performing significantly better than your social channels, you’ll be able to clearly see which strategies have been successful. Then, you’ll know where to divert resources and funds in future to improve your marketing across the board.

Microsoft Partner Benchmarking tool scores

3. Learn how to improve

The Microsoft Partner Benchmarking Tool isn’t just a resource to help you diagnose how your channels are performing against each other. The data is much more detailed, breaking each channel down into strengths and weaknesses.

For social media, for instance, you can see the extent to which engagement, frequency and quality of posts contributes to your overall score. For your blog platform, you can then view how the freshness of content and ease of reading affect the success of your blogging. Each of these different factors is then ranked good, average or needing improvement.

Once the benchmarking tool has given you a clear breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses across all channels, you’ll then be able to learn how to improve. Each test has an accompanying piece of informative content that teaches you how to improve your content in that particular section. This is vital in diagnosing the ‘how’ as well as the ‘where’ of improving your language performance.

Microsoft Partner Benchmarking tool recommendations

4. Test technical elements

Improving your content isn’t simply about frequency and readability. When judging the health of your website and blog platforms, search engines like Google pay a lot of attention to technical elements of your website performance. This includes factors like broken links, desktop and mobile speed, as well as JS, CSS and W3C errors. These all play an important role in determining how easy your website is to use, as well as how well the content you produce performs in SEO rankings.

Without the right tools and software, it can be difficult to find out where technical errors occur on your website – even if you know that overall performance can be better. With this tool, you can diagnose exactly where errors occur, down to the individual errors on specific website pages.

Microsoft Partner Benchmarking tool technical

5. Compare yourself to the leaders

Perhaps the most important thing when looking to improve your digital marketing strategies is to see where you stand against the competition. And with the Partner Benchmarking Tool, as well as the Digital Marketing Excellence Top 50 report, you can achieve exactly this. This annual report ranks the 50 most successful digital strategies of Microsoft Partners right around the world, in terms of website, blogs and social media campaigns. Most importantly, it’s ranked using data sourced from the Partner Benchmarking Tool, meaning you can compare the results from your channels against the 50 best performing Microsoft Partners around the world. The best part is both the report and tool are absolutely free for Microsoft Partners everywhere, meaning it’s easy for you to diagnose your own digital marketing skill and compare it to your competition.

Get benchmarking today

With the Microsoft Partner Benchmarking Tool, you’ll have access to a wide-ranging and comprehensive tool that can help you improve your digital strategy. It includes all the tools, and metrics you need to clearly identify where improvements can be made and the knowledge you need to make that a reality.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started benchmarking your marketing today. Or, if you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.

microsoft partner benchmarking tool

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