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Benchmark your digital marketing with Maya

  • Maya is a new digital benchmarking tool for Microsoft Partners
  • Generate reports that score your marketing efforts
  • Track your digital marketing improvements over time
Digital marketing has never been bigger. Whether you’re a small tech startup just beginning to attract attention, or a major consultancy with 5,000 employees and a CMO – digital marketing has to be at the top of your priority list for reaching audiences.

A survey published last November found that for more than a third of Chief Marketing Officers, digital marketing will account for over 75% of their budget in the next couple of years. Digital marketing is clearly becoming the channel par excellence for reaching audiences – and as mobile technologies and Internet adoption continue to rise the world over, the amount of attention you need to give to digital marketing will continue to grow. In today’s post, we look how Maya – our digital benchmarking tool – can help you make the most of this trend.

Build a coherent, consistent and confident strategy

Now, while digital marketing is expanding rapidly, B2B marketers (especially those in the technology sector) are struggling to build coherent and successful digital marketing strategies. In the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B marketers survey, only 38% of respondents classified their marketing as either ‘effective’ or ‘very effective’. This means a large proportion of marketers at B2B organisations are achieving unsatisfactory results from their efforts.

So what’s going wrong then? And, most importantly, what can you do about it?
The simple answer is that you need a digital marketing strategy. You need to decide what kind of content you’re going to prioritise, how you’re going to reach audiences and, crucially, how you’ll measure the impact of what you’re doing. And this is where Maya comes in. Maya is a tool that we created in association with Microsoft to help you benchmark your organisation’s digital marketing efforts. By entering your company’s website into Maya, she can produce a detailed report on how well you’re doing across all the most important digital marketing metrics and give you advice on what you can do to better your practice. This digital benchmarking tool gives you a benchmark of progress, and a foundation from which you can improve.

Maya – your new marketing best friend

Let’s meet Maya ‘in person’ to see how she helps you improve your digital marketing performance. Maya is free digital benchmarking tool, and while we request your email for our records, we won’t be bugging you with hundreds of spam emails.

Step 1: Add your details so Maya can generate a report (we’re using HubSpot’s website as a neutral source):

digital benchmarking tool


Step 2: Add your details and make sure you validate your blog address to ensure Maya can find your RSS feed. And as easy as that, Maya starts the analysis of your digital marketing. And this leads to your report!

digital benchmarking tool


Step 3: Review your report and take appropriate steps.

digital benchmarking tool


So, looking at HubSpot’s overall score, we can see they have a strong all-round score (including an amazing 10/10 for social media). Maya then breaks down your results into three main areas for digital marketing:

  • Website analysis
  • Blog analysis
  • Social feed analysis

Maya provides a detailed review of the quality of content within your digital marketing channels. She tests these against a range of metrics to build up an overall picture of your marketing. She also provides advice on all key areas, but it’s the metrics you’re lacking where she can really help – improve on your weakest areas, and see your score shoot up as a result.

So what can you do with this information?

Maya is only useful if you visit her regularly. We would recommend that, prior to launching your next campaign, you start by taking a benchmark with Maya. This will tell you where you were at the beginning and give you pointers as to the areas you need to improve on most. While it’s wise to aim for a high score all round, you may not have the resources or even the need to spend a significant amount of time on, say, building a Facebook presence for your company if none of your audience really use that platform.

We also suggest that you track the quality of your marketing as you progress with your strategy. Taking, for instance, a monthly ‘reading’ of your digital marketing with Maya will give you a clear idea of your progress. Importantly, Maya is entirely objective. She creates your report using a range of neutral measurement tools. As a result, you’ll be able to track progress over time and trace how you are improving.

In the end, Maya is about leads

We know from long experience that consistent and high quality digital marketing does convert into leads. We’ve seen the impact that marketing campaigns can have on our clients’ bottom line and how the right website, the right blog and the right level of engagement through social channels can significantly increase the number of leads that ultimately arrive at your front door.

Not only does Maya help with digital benchmarking your marketing effort, it understands where it could be better, and helps you improve consistently across the board. So, try our digital benchmarking tool today and incorporate it into your long-term strategy. Maya will help you get most value out of your digital marketing efforts, grow leads, and understand how you can keep improving.

Try Maya for yourself and test your marketing.
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Chris Wright

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