How to network the right way at Microsoft Inspire 2019

  • 7 very important things to do at Inspire 2019
  • Why strategic networking is better than just ‘chatting’
  • Making the most of Corenote and Breakout sessions

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An event as big as Microsoft Inspire can set your business up for the rest of the year. As well as providing a wealth of priceless expertise from the world’s top business leaders, Inspire is built around collaboration and networking with specially designed areas built to help foster these connections, new and old. The Hub offers a great networking ground to build new business, while the Expo Hall, Partner Network, and Microsoft Showcase all offer talks and advice from experts across industries and verticals, that you can take back and inject into your business. The opportunities to connect at Microsoft Inspire 2019 are countless and, just like the Vegas glamour, should be indulged in at every given chance.

So, with less than four weeks to go, we thought you’d be on the hunt for some networking tips for the biggest Microsoft Partner event of the year.

Top tips for Microsoft Inspire 2019

Social Studies

Social media is an important networking tool so harness it. Search for popular Microsoft Inspire 2019 hashtags and join online discussions in your field. It’s important to enhance your online profile by keeping your name prevalent in relevant social spheres – making you easier to search for. A good example is to create a schedule of the sessions you plan to attend and publicise this to all Microsoft attendees (a feature available upon registering). You never know, somebody could be seeking you out especially.

Time spent social networking before, during and after the event is invaluable so maximise its potential. You can use everything from a company website to LinkedIn and other social media channels to learn information and create talking points prior to meeting people you’re interested in. You could then follow up with that person afterwards. In fact, Microsoft’s Rachel Braunstein shares even more in an exclusive interview on how to network at Inspire.

Take candy from strangers

Finding the right connection can be difficult. Keep your pre-planned prime targets in mind but get mingling and strike up conversations with other attendees. Remember that valuable leads can pop-up in places you might least expect. However, consider whether you feel a business relationship can bloom and focus on those people. Don’t waste too much time speaking with people who can’t help you.

Which floor are you on?

Treat each interaction like a condensed meeting and prepare an elevator pitch. Conversations can be limited to just 30 seconds so make an impression and fill the time with important details. What you do and where you work, who your clients are. What are your goals? At this point, if you feel the conversation is flowing well – ask for their details so that you can set up a second meeting in the future to see if there is any potential for business. The scannable QR code on your badge links to your LinkedIn profile and is a good way of swapping details.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Don’t be scared to jump into the middle of a conversation. Wait for a natural break then step in and introduce yourself. Daunting as it seems, in most cases people welcome the interruption and enjoy the chance to meet somebody new. After all, they are there to network, just like you. Feel free to politely excuse yourself if you sense the conversation is serious.

The Hub

Arrange meetings or spark conversation with fellow networkers at The Hub. Microsoft have created an open space where you’ll already find a concentration of the types of people you wish to partner with, making conversation finding the opportunities much easier.

Corenote and breakout sessions

Reserved for Microsoft’s highly accomplished experts, innovators and visionaries like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and entrepreneur Simon Sinek; the Corenote offers an excellent segue into Breakout Sessions, that can unlock another room full of potential business opportunities.

Each Corenote Session will have a corresponding Breakout Session. These breakout sessions or workshops concentrate on specific areas discussed in the Corenote Sessions, giving you a smaller network of people who are all passionate about the same areas of business and technology. Smaller groups can provide more meaningful discussions around topics which could vastly increase your likelihood of generating a lead.

Think globally, too

Think big, break into new markets and make global connections in Microsoft’s Area Lounges. A suite of rooms devoted to a host of countries in a casual setting, providing a fantastic ready-made climate to plant some business seeds of your own. There’s nothing as empowering as taking your business international.

Come say hi at Inspire 2019

Make sure to  follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the action at Inspire and get your free copy of our Top 50 Inbound Marketing Report for 2019as soon as it’s released. You can also pick up a copy of the report at Inspire – we’ll be at Stand #616, look out for the guys in the bright red t-shirts!

See you in Vegas!

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Microsoft Inspire 2018 day three: Satya Nadella’s Corenote outlines his strategic vision

  • Our highlights from Satya Nadella's Corenote at day three of Microsoft Inspire 2018
  • Ethical principles of cybersecurity and three big shifts in digital technology
  • Demonstrations around 'The art of the possible' with Microsoft's reality technology changing how we work

This year, attendees of Microsoft Inspire had to wait until Wednesday to hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Corenote session. But it was worth the wait. Satya presented his vision for the new fiscal year to a packed-out crowd at the T-Mobile Arena.

For the first time, Microsoft brought together its annual partner conference, Inspire, and its employee event, Ready. As Satya said: it’s important to bring these two sides of the same coin together because that is how Microsoft customers see us.

An opportunity and a responsibility

During Satya Nadella’s corenote last year, he announced Microsoft 365 to the world. Without any announcements of this scale to make, Satya focused on presenting a unified view of the achievements of the last year and the strategic vision going forward. As expected, much was made about the opportunity facing Microsoft and its partners. But perhaps even greater focus was given to the responsibility that comes hand in hand with that opportunity.

Tech spending is 5% of the world’s GDP and is expected to increase to 10% by 2030. This highlights the opportunity but also the huge responsibility that technology companies have to their customers and society at large.

We have written previously about Microsoft’s work to establish a new set of ethical principles for cybersecurity. Satya spoke about the Tech Accord, but gave the sense that this was only one part of the story – with ethical AI, ongoing GDPR-compliance and data privacy being mentioned in particular:

“As technology and digital technology becomes pervasive in our lives, we have to approach everything with the fundamental assumption that privacy is a human right.”

Satya Nadella’s Corenote: 3 big shifts

According to Satya, in the era of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, there are three things happening that present a profound shift in how we think about what digital technology should offer.

 “Ultimately, though, we've got to measure ourselves not by technology for technology's sake, but how are we empowering people?  How are we helping organizations with their digital transformational outcome?”

Satya mentioned three areas where big shifts are happening simultaneously:

  • Ubiquitous computing
  • AI
  • People-centred experiences

The drive toward ubiquitous computing

Satya spoke about the growth of Azure in 2018 and Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to ubiquitous computing. Azure has 54 data centre regions, each housing multiple data centres. What’s more, the amount of interconnect cables that are used across these data centres is the equivalent to the distance of going to the moon and back three times.

Project Natick is one of Microsoft’s latest data centres. Despite being built in just 90 days, it is fully self-sufficient and produces zero emissions. Perhaps even more impressive, though, is the fact that Project Natick is completely submerged in the ocean. As Satya said: 80% of the world’s population lives around the sea coast. It’s this kind of work that can bring Azure to everyone, no matter where they live.

Enthusing AI into everything we do

Satya highlighted that Microsoft has been making significant breakthroughs in AI for over 20 years. But, in particular, the ability for human parity in perception and language capabilities has come a long way during the last few years (as shown in Satya’s slide below):

Satya Nadella’s corenote

But again, Satya was quick to ground these achievements in the here and now:

“Our collective objective is to take these breakthroughs and democratize them with the tooling we create, with the expertise and the skill set and the services that you provide.  For us to be able to turn every industry into an AI-first industry, whether it's retail or healthcare or agriculture, we want to be able to make sure that they can take their data, in a security-privacy preserving way, convert that into AI capability that they get the return on.  That's really the objective.”

Satya gave a series of examples of customer-success in AI, including:

Putting people at the centre of digital experiences

The last big shift that Satya focused on was the move towards “people-centred experiences”. As Satya said:

“Fundamentally, so far, we've built applications which are what I would describe as device-centric. We've really not, whether it's the operating system or the application, broken free of the device.  And that's what's going to have to happen.”

Whether it’s in gaming or Microsoft 365, Satya said that Microsoft must be focused on building people-centred, multi-sense and multi-device experiences. To illustrate this Satya gave a demonstration of his own personal use of Microsoft 365. You can watch the demo here (36:41 onwards).

The art of the possible

It wasn’t just Satya who spoke at the Corenote on day three. Some of the biggest cheers of the day were for the demonstrations carried out in the section titled ‘The art of the possible’. This section looked at real-life scenarios affecting both first line and knowledge workers and how Microsoft 365 together with Microsoft’s reality technology can improve what is possible at work. These amazing demonstrations can be watched on demand here (57:10 onwards).

The corenotes are always a highlight of Microsoft Inspire, capping off what was a fantastic event for Fifty Five and Five. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out this year’s edition of our Inbound Marketing Excellence Report – our independent, exclusive ranking of the success of Microsoft Partner’s marketing efforts.

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Microsoft Inspire 2018 day two

Microsoft Inspire 2018 day two: shared success in ‘the age of partnerships’

  • We talk highlights from day two at Microsoft Inspire 2018
  • The second corenote, with insights from Gavriella Schuster on the successes of the Partner Network in 2018 and the goals for 2019
  • A key theme throughout the day on the importance of partnership for Microsoft

Here’s Fifty Five and Five’s take on day two of Microsoft Inspire 2018 – a memorable day in Las Vegas, bookended by an early morning beatboxing session and an evening under the Eiffel Tower. In between, we enjoyed another busy day at our booth in The Commons and the Corenote session from Microsoft’s Gavriella Shuster.

Beatboxing at 8am

Microsoft Inspire 2018 day two kicked off with a 15-minute set from musician, stand-up and beatboxer, Reggie Watts. Known to many as the band leader from The Late Late Show with James Corden, Reggie added some humour to proceedings with a satirical take on a Corenote speech. This cameo performance went down extremely well with the crowd and set the day up with a great start.

The ‘who’s who’ of Microsoft SLT

Tuesday’s Corenote session was both a comprehensive who’s who of Microsoft’s senior leadership team and a what’s what of Microsoft’s key product areas. The speakers included:

Each speaker offered valuable insight into each core area of the Microsoft offering – from Azure to Microsoft 365 to real life demonstrations showing how Microsoft’s technology is revolutionising the capabilities on offer to workers.

Opportunity vs fear

From a partner perspective, the most valuable part of the Corenote was Gavriella Schuster’s session, which outlined the successes of the Partner Network in 2018 and the goals for 2019.

Gavriella began by discussing what she believes to be at the centre of what the Microsoft Partner Network is all about and why it continues to bring about success for all involved:

  • Community
  • Partnership
  • Conversation

Specifically, it’s about driving community and partnership through conversation. This is the key to the shared successes enjoyed not only by Microsoft and partners but also the customers they both have in common. Since last year’s conference, Gavriella is proud to have had over 1,000 conversations with partners.

“[Conversations with partners] are my lifeblood, fuel me with energy and inform everything we do.”
– Gavriella Schuster

Gavriella then spoke about the enormous opportunity facing the Partner Network, and how this generated a mixture of excitement and fear. Excitement about the opportunity that new digital technology affords and fear about making the most of this opportunity.

Image source

The cloud is the modern gold rush

Just how big is the opportunity? Gavriella likened it to the California Gold Rush of the 1850s, saying that the cloud and data are the precious commodities being mined.

With the original gold rush, most fortunes weren’t made from the gold itself. They were made from the communities of businesses that spawned and developed around the gold rush. The businesses and partnerships that were formed in this ecosystem built the fortunes of those who migrated to California at this time. In the same way, it is the partnerships we build around the cloud that offer the best opportunity to businesses working in digital technology today.

A year of success for the Microsoft Partner Network

At Inspire 2017, Gavriella announced major changes to how Microsoft and the Partner Network would work together – including the creation of the One Commercial Partner organization. With a re-focus on three essential foundations:

  • Build-with
  • Go-to-market
  • Sell-with

…the new set up was a big change for partners. Today, Gavriella admitted to being nervous about these changes when making her Corenote session twelve months ago in Washington. However, the success of the last year has blown away all expectations. The numbers don’t lie. In the past fiscal year, Microsoft has:

  • Built 28,000 solutions, services and applications with partners
  • Generated over 3 million leads for partners
  • Jointly developed over 100,000 co-sell opportunities
  • Landed over $5 billion in partner sales

As Gavriella said: “That’s not bad for a first-year start!”

Partners leading the way at Microsoft Inspire 2018 day two

A key theme of Microsoft Inspire 2018 day two was the importance of partnership. It is the unique opportunity afforded by Microsoft Inspire that everyone can come together in one conference hall to celebrate.

Anand Eswaran said in the closing session of the Corenote that this era will be defined as the “age of partnerships”. We couldn’t agree more.

Check back up with us tomorrow where we re-cap the final corenote of Microsoft Inspire 2018, led by CEO Satya Nadella.

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Microsoft Inspire 2018 corenote

Microsoft Inspire 2018 first Corenote: Fifty Five and Five recap Microsoft’s flagship partner event

  • We recap the first corenote of Microsoft Inspire 2018
  • On Microsoft's past fiscal year, and the new one to come
  • A week on from the first day of the event, we pick our highlights from Microsoft's flagship partner conference

The Fifty Five and Five team were in Las Vegas, NV, for this year’s Inspire conference to learn about Microsoft’s past fiscal year, look ahead to the new one, and join with the ever-expanding Microsoft Partner Network. A week on from the first day of the event, we pick our highlights from Microsoft’s flagship partner conference.

Fifty Five and Five

An inspirational welcome

Although Inspire officially kicked off on Sunday 15th July, for most of our team, it began in earnest on Monday morning for the first of the three Microsoft Inspire 2018 corenote sessions (previously known as the ‘keynote’ sessions). The T-Mobile Arena provided an impressive venue for an equally impressive first session.

Microsoft Inspire 2018 corenote

As previous Inspire attendees will know, the conference usually begins with words from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Instead, Inspire kicked off with an inspirational welcome and introduction by Gavriella Schuster—Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Commercial Partner Channels & Programs—with Satya’s talk coming on Wednesday.

Gavriella, meanwhile, emphasised the importance and value of the Microsoft Partner Network, both to Microsoft and to partners. With 2018 being such a successful year for partners, 2019 has a way to go to surpass it. But that is why we are all here at Inspire. If there’s one message that comes across in all the sessions, it is this: now is the time to celebrate the year’s successes, but it is also the time to think ahead and push forward into 2019.

Some good news already

2019 has brought with it Microsoft’s fastest start to a fiscal year in its history. And Gavriella seemed confident that this year was going to be bigger and better than ever before and looked forward to coming back to Inspire next year with record-breaking numbers once again.

Microsoft Inspire 2018 corenote
Inspire kicked off with an inspirational welcome and introduction by Gavriella Schuster—Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Commercial Partner Channels & Programs.

More from the first Microsoft Inspire 2018 corenote

Following on from Gavriella, Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Business, was enthusiastic and entertaining as always in discussing the opportunities of the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge, focusing on how digital transformation is providing new ways to solve real-world business problems. Judson highlighted Microsoft’s work with Carlsberg, illustrating how the Danish brewer makes use of Microsoft Teams and Surface Hub to unlock the potential of collaboration in a digital world.

Trust and responsibility are key themes at Inspire this year and Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer, took on these topics in his session. He focussed on the public’s growing anxieties around trusting the big technology companies. He proposed Microsoft and its partners had a responsibility to directly engage in discussions around the issues that are causing these anxieties. And that it is key that technology companies do not shy away from meeting these issues, saying:

We need to engage in conversations with people around the world, and we need to back up those conversations, not just with words, but with deeds.”

Key to this is Microsoft’s commitment to the stance that privacy is a human right. At last year’s corenote, Brad Smith emphasised the need for a Digital Geneva Convention. This year, he demonstrated just how serious Microsoft was about this by talking about the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, which Microsoft has spearheaded and now has 44 companies signed up for.

Marketing magic for Microsoft Partners

It wasn’t just Microsoft providing food for thought. There are hundreds of sessions held at the conference during the week, including three from Fifty Five and Five’s own Chris Wright, who gave two sessions on Monday.

Microsoft Inspire 2018 corenote
Fifty Five and Five's Chris Wright did a talk titled “Marketing your product/IP, what you need to know”

The first of Chris’ talks, titled “Marketing your product/IP, what you need to know” outlined the differences between marketing products and marketing services. There was a huge turnout for this session. Microsoft actively encourages partners that provide services also to develop a product or an IP. The fact that so many people showed up highlights just how important this issue is for partners.

The second session was titled ‘What exactly is social selling?’ At the outset, Chris asked the audience if their organisations engaged in social selling. Remarkably not a single person said that they did. This session proved valuable for an audience that wanted to know more about this vital aspect of modern marketing.

Email Chris for more info or the slide deck for any of his Inspire sessions

Another busy year for us at Inspire

Every year at Inspire, we launch our annual report celebrating the digital marketing efforts of Microsoft Partners. The Top 50 Inbound Marketing Excellence report, to give its full name, ranks partners on their blogging output, social channels and their website.

Microsoft Inspire 2018 corenote
Rackspace won the race to the number one Microsoft Partner marketer due to its outstanding social media score.

Now Inspire has drawn to a close, you can download the report online here. Rackspace won the race to the number one Microsoft Partner marketer due to its outstanding social media score, which is the highest score in any category that we have seen since first putting the report together.

You can view the first Microsoft Inspire in full here. For those that don’t have those hours to spare, you can check back here as we recap all the important highlights from day two of Microsoft Inspire 2018 tomorrow!

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Microsoft partner marketing

Microsoft Partner marketing at Inspire 2018: an interview with Microsoft’s Jennifer Tomlinson

  • We talked to Microsoft's Jennifer Tomlinson about what the Microsoft Partner network does to help partners improve their marketing
  • What to expect for Inspire 2018 and how to come prepared

In the run-up to Inspire 2018 – Microsoft’s flagship partner conference – we spoke to Jennifer Tomlinson, Microsoft Senior Manager & Global Channel Marketing Evangelist, to find out how to make the most of the conference. Microsoft will be hosting several sessions dedicated to partner marketing over the four days in Las Vegas.

In this interview, Jennifer explains what the Microsoft Partner Network does to help partners improve their marketing, what it has lined up for Inspire and offer some tips on how to make the most of the conference.

Hi, Jennifer, before we discuss Inspire, can you tell us more about your team and how the Microsoft Partner Network helps partners improve their marketing all year round?

My speciality area is to coach partners to build strong marketing practices and, at the same time, building strong customer experience practices. Our team works with partners, helping to provide insights and research trends about their peers in marketing and the world of marketing at large. For instance, we highlight what’s working and what’s not in the ecosystem, so partners can more quickly get into market and try new things.

Advice and education is an important part of what we offer partners. We connect partners to a lot of content and resources to help them get into market more quickly and engage with customers.  Partners can put together effective campaigns combining their own messages with the Microsoft message. We also offer go-to-market services for partners, where we team them up with marketing agencies to execute their marketing plans.

What do you have planned for Microsoft Inspire this year?

When I think about Inspire this year, our content covers those three buckets:

  • Expertise, training and marketing best practices
  • Helping partners understand resources available from Microsoft partner marketing
  • Helping partners can co-market with Microsoft

We have also brought in some outside speakers to really dive deeper into content marketing, because content is the lynchpin of all marketing. There will also be a deeper focus on social media and social selling.

Part of our goal at Inspire is to put on insightful sessions that add real value to partners looking to improve their marketing. But also, we want to build awareness around what it is that the Microsoft Partner Network can do for them all-year-round.

Through the Microsoft partner website, we offer many self-service marketing resources. We know that there’s always more we can do to make sure everyone is aware that we have these resources available to them – and that is part of what we hope to achieve at Inspire.

The Fifty Five and Five team is gearing up for Inspire this year (you can find us at booth #1622). This is our fourth year at the conference – and it always seems like there is so much it can be hard to get to everything. Do you have any top tips for us and other partners about how to make the most of the conference?

Inspire is a large partner event and add that to Las Vegas and you definitely have a recipe for being overwhelmed. Some partners, especially first-time attendees, can find it overwhelming at first – and for everyone, even the most experienced Inspire attendees, it can be hard to know where to spend your time.

One anchor point that I would point out to partners is the lounges for the different countries and subsidiaries, because at those lounges you know that you can find a friendly face from Microsoft. The regional lounges can be found in the Expo Hall.

Also, in the Expo Hall, there’s an enormous Microsoft Partner Network area – this is another great place to learn about all the resources in the network and to find a friendly face who can help point you in the right direction.

Making the most of sessions

When it comes to making the most of all the sessions available, planning is essential. We have hundreds of sessions this year, so you have to stay organized and figure out what sessions are most important to you and your business and build your schedule around that.

In the Expo Hall there are also lots of great, smaller sessions, where there’s a diverse group of speakers from across the Partner Network with sessions on a lot of interesting topics. Of course, Chris Wright [Fifty Five and Five’s Founder], will be giving three of these sessions, which we are looking forward to.

Don’t forget the networking opportunities

But also, be sure to save time in your schedule for networking. Inspire is a fantastic opportunity to meet other partners, to meet with Microsoft, to meet with people you wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to meet with in the course of the rest of the year.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

I have been to Inspire 11 times in the 13 years I have been at Microsoft and every time it can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. The logistical challenge of optimizing your schedule, so you can make the most of the conference, is a big challenge. My advice is to spend time on the Inspire site and looking through the sessions catalogue. There is a lot of choices, and you only have three or four days to do everything.

Inspire 2018: Microsoft Partner marketing sessions

Customer powered: building a real customer centric culture across your organization (Monday July 16 2-3pm, MKT01 Room 27 Oceanside Ballroom F) Find out more.

Smart marketing, inside stories from marketing superstars who transformed their businesses (Monday July 16 4-5pm, MKT08 Room 27 Oceanside Ballroom F) Find out more.

Engaging the anonymous web buyer: how to increase online engagement and drive conversion (Tuesday, July 17 4:15-5pm, MKT02 Room 9 South Pacific Ballroom B) Find out more.

Help! My IT messaging doesn’t work anymore: why you need a vertical go-to-market strategy and persona-based marketing (Wednesday July 18 4-5pm, MKT04 Room 11, South Pacific Ballroom D) Find out more.

Co-market with Microsoft Go-to-Market (GTM) Programs (Monday July 16 12:30-1:15pm, MCBB North, Level 0) Find out more.

Scale your business through Partner to Partner engagements (P2P) (Monday July 16 3-3:45 pm, MBCC North Level 0) Find out more.


Jennifer Tomlinson is Channel Marketing Evangelist, Senior Manager, Global Partner Channels and Programs at Microsoft.

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Microsoft Inspire strategy guide: an Interview with Microsoft’s Kati Quigley

  • Interview with Kati Quigley, Senior Director, Partner Community Marketing at Microsoft 
  • Advice and tips for partners attending Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, Nevada this July
  • Start building your post-Inspire strategy to get the most out of the conference

The countdown until Microsoft Inspire is on, and at Fifty Five and Five we've been putting in our preparation for the conference in July. However, what should you do to get the most out of Inspire--before, during and after the event?

To find out, we spoke with Kati Quigley—Senior Director, Partner Community Marketing at Microsoft--about what works best for partners attending Inspire.

Can you give us a run down of how partners should plan for the conference?

Kati: I think the biggest thing for partners attending Microsoft Inspire is that they go in with a plan and have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. The whole purpose of Microsoft Inspire is that everyone can create their path, and that can take many forms because the event has so much to offer.

If you want to be educated on learning how to build a business, for example, you should find the right sessions that give you that opportunity to learn from the experts. If you’re going in and saying “you know what? I already have my business solution, and I am trying to find other partners to market with”, then that’s when you need to be focusing on the networking side of things. You should be going to the Commons in the expo area to meet and share with like-minded individuals.

I recommend all partners go to the keynotes this year; we have three, one each day. Microsoft Inspire marks the start of Microsoft’s financial year, and the keynotes are a place where the leadership of Microsoft talk about the direction the company will take for the year ahead, so don’t miss that!

We also have a ‘First Timers’ Session on Sunday [15th July] for people that haven’t been to Microsoft Inspire before. It’s a discussion of things to do and what to get from the event, so even if you’ve been before it’s something worth considering.

To get the most value out of the conference, from your experience, what should partners be doing?

Kati: In the same sense you should plan for the many different events at the conference, you should prepare for your big event—people coming to learn about your company.

I’ve seen that people are getting away from 'real' business cards and going more virtual. So if you have OneNote on your phone, I think that’s super helpful. As you walk away from someone, you can take a few notes on who they are and the action they want to take while it’s fresh in your memory. Every year, partners think that they’ll remember the small details, but they don’t.

Building in a 15-minute break in between meeting people is super helpful, as that gives you a chance to take those notes, get everything captured and then move onto the next thing.

During the conference, there is so much to learn, see and do. Is there anything that partners should make sure they have when they leave?

Kati: Microsoft Inspire is about accelerating the business, and partners should think about how they are going to ‘capture’ things that fit into their business plan. They can put a framework in place, and as they pick up on things they can say “hey, this falls into business development” or “this piece falls into a particular practice” so that it’s a bit more organised. Then on the flight home when it’s fresh in their mind, partners can sit and add a little more thought to it.

So, conference over, and the office is back in order. What are the next steps for the perfect post-Inspire strategy?

Kati: I think if there are other people from your company who went to the conference, then it’s best to sit down with them, share notes and put together key takeaways and connections, and decide what actions to take next.

Reaching out to those contacts that you met in the following week is important. When you meet someone, it’s very thoughtful to follow up, even if it’s to quickly say “It was good to meet, let’s talk at a later date about the things we discussed.” It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task; see it as a thank you. The more immediate you make it, the better, plus you’re going to stick out a little better. Everyone says “Oh, we’ll drop you an email” but for too many, this is just a hollow gesture.

Finally, what is the best piece of advice you could give to partners for Microsoft Inspire?

Kati: It’s about being realistic about the schedule, and not to overdo it. When you’re actually at the conference, you don’t have much time to think about all the people you meet, or the time capturing what actions you need to take. You don’t want to waste time while you’re there, but you also don’t want to feel hurried or that you have a lack of focus.

It’s like the advice you give when you pack a suitcase: You pack it, then unpack half. Develop a schedule, and then take half of it out. It then allows you a bit of weight and space. Then at the conference, you have some time to go and hang out in the expo area and end up having a conversation you never expected. If you’re overscheduled, you’ll never have that chance!

Kati's 10 essential Microsoft Inspire strategy tips:

Kati's advice for your Microsoft Inspire strategy in 10 steps:

  1. Develop a clear idea of what you want to achieve form the week
  2. Create a schedule of everything you want, then 'edit' this down to the essentials
  3. Choose sessions where you can maximise learning
  4. Set aside time for networking - and visit the Commons
  5. Move from paper to digital ways of collecting information
  6. Build in breaks between meetings to write down your notes
  7. Create a framework for the information you collect
  8. Share notes with colleagues
  9. Get in touch with new contacts the week after the conference is over
  10. Finally, don't forget to enjoy yourself!

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Thanks to Kati for taking the time out to talk about all things Microsoft Inspire and for giving partners tips on putting their Microsoft Inspire strategy in place! We're really excited about our plans for Inspire - and make sure you come and visit us at stand number 1622! 

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Why attending Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018 might be the best thing you do all year – thoughts from Jennifer Tomlinson

  • Discover why the Inspire Conference 2018 is better than ever
  • Find out how attending Inspire will benefit your business
  • Discover the top reasons why you should be attending 

This guest post is authored by Jennifer Tomlinson, Channel Marketing Evangelist, and Senior Manager for Global Partner Channels and Programs for the Microsoft Partner Network. We wanted to hear her thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018 and top tips for partners looking to get the most out of the event.

There are so many ways we can gain access to information these days; so many great ways to sharpen our skills. We can read blogs, watch "TED Talks", listen to podcasts or sit in on live webinars without ever having to leave our desk (or even home). So, with such a rich vein of information and communication constantly at hand, and with it taking less time to do everything we want to do these days, why would we incur the time and expense of attending a conference, and in person at that?

Well actually, there are many reasons. In fact, attending conferences may be one of the best things you do all year, for yourself and for your business.

What is Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018?

Formerly the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018 is the biggest event of the year for Microsoft Partners. It has previously hosted 16,000-plus attendees from over 130 countries and is a week packed full of networking, learning and ideas. This year’s event will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 15th–19th and is sure to be action-packed with all kinds of resources, all with the goal of enabling Microsoft partners to accelerate business and increase profitability.

Conferences are a great way of meeting people that can be of benefit to your business

It should probably go without saying that if you are considering attending a conference, it should be the right one. You wouldn’t attend a conference for physicians if you weren’t a doctor. So, it’s obviously important to choose an event that will cater to your field of interest. And if you’re a Microsoft Partner (or someone thinking of becoming one) there’s no place quite like Microsoft Inspire. Let’s look at some of the key reasons you, and your business, should attend Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018:

Creating leads and partnerships

Networking is one of the most obvious goals for a lot of people when they register for a conference like Inspire Conference 2018. And it makes sense: for all that social networking and great communication solutions give us for connecting with each other during the year, there’s nothing quite like the opportunity to meet existing customers and clients and potential customers in person. The Inspire Conference 2018 gives you the chance to swap ideas (and contact details) and turn leads into sales, sales into returning customers and early-stage meetings into firm partnerships.

It’s not just potential customers that you’ll be meeting at Inspire, either. The event is also full of other Microsoft partners that bring with them in-depth learning on business-building strategies across multiple industries. It’s a hotbed of ideas and inspiration (hence the name) and could well prove to be just what you need to stimulate the next great solution for your organisation or a face-to-face conversation that can lead to your company’s next big opportunity.

Strengthen partnership with Microsoft

Kicking off with a keynote from Satya Nadella, or an event hosted by Gavriella Schuster, and many more events by leading figures in the Microsoft family and across the tech industry is just the beginning. In addition to the keynotes, you’ll have the chance to meet and connect with plenty of Microsoft contacts. You never know who you will run into at a partner party or in the lunch line on the expo floor. This is true for all conferences but is especially true at Inspire, where you’ll be sharing floor space with industry experts and a huge contingent from Microsoft themselves. You might not bump into Satya himself, but there are ample opportunities to build some great contacts with Microsoft representatives.

Keynotes, workshops and interactive presentations

Inspire is known for its sessions and 2018 it’s set to be better than ever, and there will be plenty of seminars that you’re not going to want to miss. A full schedule will be out soon: keep up with the latest information on the Inspire homepage or follow on Twitter.

Inspire Conference 2018 is about learning, improving and developing sales, marketing and leadership strategies while increasing technical and business acumen on Microsoft products and solutions. It’s where you and thousands of other partners get to meet to exchange ideas and transform business. Mingle with fellow partners and attend keynotes with Microsoft leaders and breakout sessions with industry experts.

So, if you want a conference that focuses on marketing, customer experience, social media and content, as well as all the other benefits I’ve mentioned above, then come to Las Vegas on July 15th and take part in a week full of festivities and see how your organisation can benefit most from the partner gathering of 2018. It might take some planning to make the most of your trip, but Inspire Conference 2018 has the potential to give your business a boost that will last for the rest of the year and beyond—and you can’t say that for a podcast or an informational video!

If you haven't already, don't forget to register for Inspire Conference 2018. We'll see you in July!

We want to thank Jennifer for her time discussing Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018 and all the things that partners have to look forward to this year! Don't forget to check back with us for the latest updates in coming months.

Back from DC Microsoft Inspire Event

We just got back from Microsoft Inspire 2017!

  • Our second annual Microsoft conference, recently renamed Microsoft Inspire 2017
  • We had a stand and handed out our Inbound Marketing Excellence report
  • Our Founder, Chris Wright talked at the Partner Hub on content creation

This was our second time attending Microsoft’s partner conference, and we had a bigger and even better event than last year! The Fifty Five and Five team enjoyed every minute of the four days (and well-dressed evenings!) We met hundreds of new people, made some new connections, and sat down with some of our great clients.

This year’s conference, hosted in the Walter. E. Washington Convention Centre from 9th – 13th July, counted over 17,000 attendees including exhibitors, key speakers, mentors, mentees, and volunteers. That made for plenty of networking opportunities, engaging sessions and workshops, and the odd party.

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Microsoft Inspire 2017


Our second year at the conference, and having enjoyed WPC 2016 so much, we were excited to see what was in store. We’d already spoken to a few friends at Microsoft on what was to come, so we had ample time to prepare. For those of you who don’t know, we released our 2017 Inbound Marketing Excellence Report in Washington, D.C. We ranked over 25,000 Microsoft Partners on their Inbound marketing efforts, narrowing it down to the top 250 Partners for their website, blog, and social media efforts. But the event was much more than that.

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Microsoft Inspire 2017


“What you do is what shapes Microsoft and what we do.”

The first full day began with the Microsoft Inspire keynote, hearing from CEO Satya Nadella. He spoke about the four digital transformation pillars and how partners are continuing to drive positive transformation.

Using case studies, Microsoft showcased how it had helped the likes of Sephora, BroadReach and HPP Berlin to grow and digitally transform.

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Microsoft Inspire 2017


Then we had the first reveal of Microsoft 365, a combination of Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security, designed for SMB’s to unlock a secure collaborative working environment. They also introduced Microsoft’s latest AI technology, Emotion API, which helps companies understand the feelings of their customer and to further improve the customer experience. Don’t worry if you missed the keynotes: Microsoft has made the whole conference available on demand.

After the keynote, our next port of call was the conference expo hall, where we were exhibiting with our red t-shirts on and reports in hand.

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Microsoft Inspire 2017


It was a great opportunity to meet and chat to Partners who had featured in the report this year. As we find every year, it’s so interesting to hear what Partners have been doing over the past 12 months to improve their marketing.

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Nintex ranked #4

Microsoft Inspire 2017


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Rencore ranked #6

Microsoft Inspire 2017


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Binary Tree ranked #21

Microsoft Inspire 2017
Binary Tree ranked #21


If we weren’t at the stand introducing our 2017 Top 50 report, we were exploring the conference floor and attending talks, including one with our founder, Chris Wright.

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Chris Wright on the "Ten steps to create consistently great content"

Microsoft Inspire 2017


This year, Chris was in the Microsoft Partner Experience Theatre talking about the ten steps to creating great content as part of the foundation of an overall great marketing strategy – thanks to all who came along!

Here’s a summary of Chris’ “Ten steps to consistently great content” (Download your copy of the slides):

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Plan out a content strategy
  3. Generating a great idea
  4. Do your research
  5. Power through the blanket page
  6. Edit and proof
  7. Promote your content
  8. Re-use, re-purpose and repost
  9. Track everything
  10. Dedicated resource

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Microsoft Inspire 2017


We spent the daytime in our red Fifty Five and Five t-shirts, but at night we did get the chance to swap them for slightly more suitable evening wear. We started the week at the Nintex Inspire Party – seems that it’s not just workflows they specialise in. The party included fine views of Washington – with the Washington Monument and White House visible from the roof terrace.

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Microsoft Inspire


More nightlife

Although we didn’t attend the Carrie Underwood performance, we did make it to the Microsoft UK Partner Party. A red-carpet evening downtown, where we had a dazzling time. A big thank you to the UK Microsoft Partner team.

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Microsoft Inspire 2017


If you would like to see the key announcements and updates from Microsoft Inspire 2017, across the week: here it is, day by day.

Great outcomes from Microsoft Inspire 2017

This year was not only Microsoft’s most successful conference. Personally, our show was even more successful than last year. We spoke to more people at our stand, gave away more copies of our reports and received a huge web and social media traffic bump over the course of the week.

That is to say, we had a fantastic time at Microsoft Inspire 2017, meeting so many great partners whom we look forward to seeing again soon.

See you all in Vegas for Inspire 2018!

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Get your 2017 Inbound Marketing Excellence Report
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Washington DC

The 10 Ws of Washington DC: must-read Microsoft Inspire preparation!

  • There's just over one week to go until Microsoft Inspire 2017
  • This year the annual Microsoft conference is being hosted in Washington DC
  • The 10 essential W's of Washington to make the most of your time

It’s not long until Microsoft’s biggest conference of the year, the newly-titled Microsoft Inspire, and if you’ve got your ticket, you’re probably just as excited as us!

Washington DC
Team Fifty Five and Five at WPC '16

We know how much there is to prepare, pack and polish (elevator pitches/presentations/shoes – circle most relevant) before you go, so to help speed things up, we’ve come up with the “The 10 W’s of Washington DC”. Treat this as your checklist for things you’ll need to pack or remember before and during the conference.

1. Walter E. Washington Convention Centre (plus checking in)

This year Microsoft Inspire will be hosted in Washington DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre. It’s a 2.3 million-square-foot facility, which has the largest ballroom in the region and hosts the presidential inaugural balls (so don’t forget your ball gowns).

Washington DC

The convention center is located right in the heart of Washington DC, and a stone's throw from the White House (just a 19-minute walk).

To get to the conference quicker, it’s worth downloading your Business Travel support letter, which you can get from the Microsoft Inspire registration confirmation page. For non-US visitors, you’ll also need to ensure that you’ve got the correct travel documents, which are outlined on the US Government website.

Once you’ve landed in DC, you can collect your badge at the Airport from the Microsoft Inspire stand, which will save you some valuable time on Sunday!

2. Welcome session

So, after you’ve checked in to your hotel, you’ll want to head to the convention center (we’ll be at Stand #1236, so come and say hello!)

If you have been to Inspire before you've probably mastered this bit, but there’s a useful Microsoft Inspire First Time Attendee (FTA) program, which connects you with other first-time attendees and mentors to make sure you have the best time at the conference. You can sign up for this during registration!

We spoke with Microsoft's Rachel Braunstein who recommends heading to the Tweet Meet session in the Commons from 5pm on Sunday!

If like us, you’ve got clients and other partners to meet, it might be worth getting yourself familiar with Connect, Microsoft’s event planning tool; it will help you make the most of your introduction and interactions from the conference.

3. Wardrobe

Team Fifty Five and Five have attended the annual conference a couple of times before, so we’re Microsoft conference wardrobe-and-footwear experts.

You'll want to pack any Microsoft Inspire-themed company t-shirts, socks, or any other company ‘swag’ you’ve got to wear. And it might be worth carrying an extra layer in case the air-con is cranked up.

Also, if you get invited to any parties, make sure you've got some smarter clothes packed just in case--here's Fifty Five and Five attending last year's Microsoft UK James Bond themed event:

Washington DC

4. Workshops and sessions

There are hundreds of sessions at Microsoft Inspire, and we spoke to Dean Armintrout, Director of Partner Marketing & Events, for his advice. He recommends using the Inspire Session planner catalogue to help you to browse and search sessions you might be interested in attending. You can then plan any potential meetings with any partners or customers to make the most of your time.

[N.B. Microsoft's senior director of partner community marketing Kati Quigley advises being realistic with your schedule so you have some free time for those unexpected and wonderful conversations][mks_separator style="blank" height="2"]

Want a tip on a great session to get started? Head over to the Partner Expo on Monday 10th July at 2:30pm where Fifty Five and Five's Chris Wright will be listing the “Ten ways to create great content”.

5.  Women in Technology (Lunch)

With growing success year-on-year, the IAMCP WIT (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) Women in Technology have a large presence at Microsoft Inspire. They’ll be hosting the annual WIT luncheon, which gives women from across the globe a chance to connect and discuss the impact they’ve made and the future impact they will make. There will also be a WIT panel discussion. The luncheon will be hosted on Wednesday 12th July between 11:30am–1pm.

6.    Ways to stay connected

There is so much to see, do (and tweet) from Microsoft Inspire, and it can be a bit overwhelming. We spoke to Rachel Braunstein, Marketing Manager for Microsoft and Social Media Manager for Microsoft Partners for advice on using social media at the conference.

To stay connected at the conference, your best bet would be following the MS Partner presence on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, and connecting with them on LinkedIn. They’ll be live streaming and sharing news and content from the conference! Don’t forget the official hashtag is #MSInspire!

7.    Who do you want to connect with?

One thing that we have learned from Microsoft conferences is to make a note of all the people you want to meet at the event beforehand. Whether it’s a list of customers, clients or just other partners, it’s best to debrief your team who is on your company's hit list.

Putting this kind of plan in place will also help you to build your Microsoft Inspire schedule, and work out how much time you want to spend at workshops, networking or manning your stand.

8.    Waffles and peanut butter bacon pop-tarts

BBQ ribs and homemade peanut butter bacon pop-tarts are some of the best recommended foods to eat while you’re in Washington DC. The Walter E. Washington Convention center is bang in the middle of the city, so there’s plenty of hotels, restaurants, and bars around the area.

Washington DC
Because waffles

If you’ve got some free time after the conference and Microsoft Inspire Partner Celebration (and you've had your fill of peanut butter bacon pop-tarts) there's so much to do in DC. Make sure that you ‘Show Your Badge’ for discounts at the best restaurants and attractions.

9.    Working around the clock/globe

Although you’ll be enjoying Microsoft’s annual conference, there’s still work to be done back in the 'real world' (unless you’re super organised). It might be worth planning ahead, and if you need to keep in touch with clients and customers, be sure to work in the right time zones. We’re using the same time zone calculator as last year.

10.    Where did you rank?

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget to sign up for our Microsoft Top 50 Inbound Marketing Excellence 2017 Report. Now in its third year, the report ranks 25,000 Microsoft Partners for their marketing and credits the very best. The report is officially released at Microsoft Inspire on Monday 10th July – so come along to stand #1236, get your free copy and see where you ranked!

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Want to learn more about Microsoft Inspire?

Microsoft Inspire social media

The perfect Microsoft Inspire social media strategy: interview with Rachel Braunstein

  • Interview with Rachel Braunstein, Marketing and Social Media lead for Microsoft Partners
  • Advice and tips for building the perfect Microsoft Inspire social media strategy
  • Tips on where to find out the latest Microsoft Inspire news and updates

With less than a month until the Microsoft Inspire conference, we’ve been speaking to Team Microsoft to get us as prepared as possible for Microsoft’s biggest event of the year! In our latest Microsoft Inspire interview, we spoke with Rachel Braunstein—Microsoft's Digital Marketing Manager leading social media strategy for Microsoft Partners—to find out what makes the perfect Microsoft Inspire social media strategy and how Partners can stay connected with the conversation.

There’s been so much information about Microsoft Inspire and what’s in store for partners. What are you looking forward to the most?

This is going to be my third Microsoft Partner conference, and what’s really exciting is its new brand name, Microsoft Inspire. To change from the Worldwide Partner Conference name to Microsoft Inspire has honestly inspired and invigorated both the internal Microsoft teams and our partners. It’s reflective of how the partner community inspires other partners and us, and everyone I’ve spoken to about it seems really excited!

We just announced our Keynote Speakers with Satya [Nadella], our new CVP Ron Huddleston, President and Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft Brad Smith and CVP Gavriella Schuster just to name a few. For me, I get very inspired by hearing our executives set the tone for the year and what direction we’re going to go in this crazy digital economy. A lot is going on across the globe, both exciting and challenging, and Microsoft plays a big part in making positive changes.

I’m looking forward to seeing our vision from the keynotes, hearing the stories from our customers and talking to partners. Hearing about all the incredible work our partners are doing is always the most fun for me. I’m also looking forward to being in Washington, D.C., and the energy that the city gives across the globe. It’s going to be a special time to be in the capital.

For partners heading to the conference, how do you think they can use social media for Microsoft Inspire?

The social conversation is happening 365 days a year—I live and breathe this digital conversation every single day since I manage the Microsoft Partner Network social strategy. For me, Microsoft Inspire is about taking this conversation that’s ‘always on’ and bringing it to life for the 16,000+ attendees that are going this year.

We have many different channels to engage in conversations with our fans.  With nearly 200,000 followers on Facebook, the same on Twitter, and 10,000+ on LinkedIn, we’re engaging with our partners in all different ways.  I also own the corporate blogs on the Microsoft Partner Portal, the MPN YouTube page, and host and execute our podcast channel, so I’m constantly interacting and trying to get a pulse on the business conversation. We’ll be super active on social media during Microsoft Inspire using #MSInspire—the keynotes will be live streamed every day on the MPN portal, and we’ll be blogging and engaging in conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Social media is going to be a place where you can tap into the conversation, see what news is hitting, connect with other partners, and stay on the pulse of the conference conversation. We’re encouraging everyone to use the hashtag #MSInspire and follow us @msPartner as much as possible!

Another thing I’d like to mention is LinkedIn. This year we had to think about how we could encourage partners to use LinkedIn and connect with partners. So this year, partners can add their LinkedIn profile information to their Microsoft Inspire profile and easily connect with other registered partners on LinkedIn from our tools. LinkedIn is the place where business gets done and where customers can be found, so we strongly encourage partners to connect with as many people as possible while at the conference. Social selling is all about how you’re going to use digital platforms to engage with potential customers early in the buying journey, and LinkedIn is the place to do that.

It’s super important to have both a personal and company profile. There are still some companies that haven’t done that. It’s an untapped resource, but is very important, as we develop our relationship with LinkedIn. Having both a personal and company profile is an essential part of building an influence online and reaching customers.

The Microsoft Partner community is so big; it can be hard to stay up to date with everything. What are the best channels to follow and keep up to date?

The best channels are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our MPN podcast. From there you’ll be able to keep up to date with our blog and major news. I also want to mention the relaunch of the Microsoft Partner community. That’s a really wonderful forum to engage with partners and ‘Microsofties,' to ask questions and join discussions.

This year there’s going to be lots of tips and tricks for first-time attendees, and ‘know before you go’ kind of information on the Microsoft Partner Community. I would definitely recommend for partners to sign up and use it throughout the year. There is also a hashtag #New2MSInspire for partners mentoring or bringing in new attendees. We have quite a lot of first-time attendees, so this hashtag will embody that conversation and include a 'tweet meet' on Sunday for those first-timers.

Before the conference, is there anything Microsoft Partners should be doing on social media?

Firstly, there are a few personal things to consider before you go to a conference:

  • What is your brand?
  • What are your priorities while on-site?
  • How do you want to build your influence and authority on social?

The reality is you cannot survive in this digital economy without having a presence on social. 80% of buying decisions are made before any contact is made. People are looking at your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, the blogs you’ve put out there, everything. So take a second and think about who you are and what you stand for. Have a voice and be you. Stand for something and show your expertise to the world.

When thinking about how to use social media, my recommendation is to think about how much time you have and what channels you want to commit to using every day. LinkedIn should be your number one priority, as this is for business conversation and thought leadership, and it’s really a place where you can show off your expertise and credibility with relatively little effort. Get that profile up there, use the best pictures, update your location and dedicate two to three hours of your time to making it look really good before you get to the conference!

Another great channel is Twitter since it’s so quick, easy and instantaneous, making it perfect for following people you enjoy and adding quick value to your followers. Absolutely follow MS Partner—we are going to be giving you the best information, news, and resources not only during the conference but throughout the year.

Also, make sure you have the Microsoft Inspire application on your phone and get yourself prepped, even if it’s a week before. You’re going be engaging with a lot of people, so it makes things a lot easier to pull something up from your phone or look up the Microsoft Inspire news.

Do you have any tips or advice for partners for their Microsoft Inspire social media strategy while at the conference?

I think my tips for partners would be:

  1. Make sure you have a high-quality LinkedIn profile and check to see if your company has one as well
  2. Follow @msPartner on Twitter and Facebook and check out the Microsoft Partner community for any information
  3. When you’re in conversation with someone, make sure to connect with them! Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever platform they’re comfortable with. I do it all the time; I’ll be talking and just ask them before I forget! Some people may have business cards at a conference like this, but really you should be connecting on LinkedIn especially if you have a good profile.
  4. When you do connect on social, send a note with that connection. Whatever it is, just say ‘love what you said while chatting at XYZ session, so great to talk to you!’ It’s all about networking, and once the conference is over it will be so much easier to look back at your notes and the connections you’ve made.
  5. Post wherever you're comfortable and use #MSInspire and #New2MSInspire! Tag @msPartner and use #MSPartner 365 days out of the year. We’ll be showcasing a lot of posts before the keynote starts on the big screens, at the social wall in the Community Hub, and in the Nationals Stadium so you may see your posts on the big screens!

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[mks_separator style="solid" height="2"]

We want to say a huge thank you to Rachel for sharing her thoughts for our Microsoft Inspire blog series! Don’t forget to follow @MSPartner for the latest news, blogs, and podcasts!

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Want help with your social media strategy for #MSInspire?

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