Video marketing services

Tell your story in the most engaging way. Our video marketing services allow you to present your brand in the most compelling and memorable way. Video marketing is more powerful now than ever, and your customers expect to be able to learn about you via slick, professional, and informative video content.

Whether it's a tutorial explaining a new product, a clever animation or a weekly video blog, our exceptional video marketing services produce high quality content that attracts, educates and inspires your audiences.

Our video marketing services have been used by some of the leading tech companies worldwide - including Microsoft. Our knowledge of the B2B technology sector means we understand your tools and services, and we also know how to convey that information to your specific target audience.

How our B2B video marketing services help you

Your potential customers are expecting an array of modern formats to learn about you from. Stand out from the competition, reach new audiences and better engage existing customers with tailored video and animation. We make your ambitions possible.

B2B Video marketing services

Stand out with exceptional videos

Tell your story with confidence and clarity. When we work with you, we help you create content which fits your brand, your personality and speaks to your audience in the most effective way.

Customers expect high quality, professional videos - our team have the equipment, the experience and the software to produce industry-standard video marketing materials.

We can film you at your office or at your preferred location, our expert writers and designers help you with scripts and interviews and our animation team are unparalelled when it comes to making your brand come alive.

For a taste of our video marketing services and in-house animation expertise, watch our Maya promo video here.


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B2B email marketing services

B2B email marketing

Don't be just another boring tech company pumping out a bland monthly update. Make your B2B email marketing campaigns count with amazing design, scintillating copy and links your readers are compelled to click.

Our B2B email marketing service helps you connect with a wider audience than traditional media marketing, strengthening relationships for a fraction of the cost. We work with you across the breadth of your email marketing campaigns, from targeting the right audience through to A/B testing and audience segmentation to email design, copy, and distribution. We also use the most advanced analytical tools to bring precise metrics like open & click rates to draw insight on email performance and continuously improve the service.

Your B2B email marketing strategy ultimately needs to generate leads. We work with you to make that happen.

best B2B email marketing services

The impact of B2B email marketing

Working with us, you’ll receive advice, guidance and support on how to create the perfect email campaign (recurring or one-off) for your company. From addressing the right points of emphasis to matching the design to your brand, we can work with you to generate memorable and actionable email campaigns.

We've helped leading B2B technology companies like The Information Lab and ProSymmetry create compelling B2B email marketing campaigns which nurture customers and generate new business - read our case studies to see how we provide digital marketing to B2B tech companies like yours.

Looking for B2B email marketing tips? Read our expert blogs!

Effective email needs dedication

Creating monthly, or even weekly email campaigns can take up considerable time. Talk to us today about B2B email marketing to see how we can help.


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B2B SEO services for tech companies

Confused about which keywords are right for your website? Worried about your domain authority? Need help finding the right kinds of keywords which will lead to increased website traffic? Our B2B SEO services (search engine optimisation) keep you one step ahead of the curve to ensure that your Google search engine ranking is competitive and helps you rise up the results page.

With our B2B SEO services, we help you define and execute strategies to target specific keywords and optimise content and websites. We employ the full range of B2B SEO services from keyword research to backlink strategy, site maintenance to site improvement. All to help you build brand authority, brand exposure and rank above competitors.

B2B SEO services

B2B SEO services: the benefits for your business

Our team of friendly and highly experienced B2B SEO experts work closely with you to improve the quality of your site, boost your ranking and drive more traffic to your site. By working with us, you tap into our expertise of boosting the search rankings for countless Microsoft Partners. We are able to optimise your website, as well as tapping into our extensive contacts with editors and respected industry publications to improve your backlink scores.

Whether you're brand new to SEO and need support from experts, or have experience of optimising your website and just need help tweaking your pages, we work in collaboration with you to fit around your requirements.

We have proven experience with industry leaders like Dimension Data and Rencore. Read our case studies to learn how we work with clients like you.

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If you aim to appear on page one across the major search engines for your target keywords, work with Fifty Five and Five to make it happen. Get in touch with us by using the form below, or if you prefer, by sending an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

B2B website design and build

Great B2B website development entices visitors to learn more about your business, find out about your services and encourages them to make contact.

We draw on our years of design experience to build custom websites for technology companies that truly differentiate them from the crowd. We tailor each website to match each unique brand personality, with clever functional design and strategic B2B copy to give you and your customers the best introduction.

Whether you plan to create a whole new website or need simple guidance on optimising landing pages, our friendly web development team can work to all of your time-scales. So no matter the size and scope of your project, we work hand in hand with you to create the website you've always dreamt of.

b2b website development

B2B website development for technology companies

Your website is often the first touch point for new customers, which is why we pride ourselves on our talent for creating sleek, seamless user experiences. We also specialise in technical back-end functionality too making sure site speed, code integrity and search engine optimisation are all fit for the best.

We've worked with world renowned tech companies to help develop some fantastic, lead generating B2B websites. If you'd like to see the quality of work we produce first hand please visit Ravenswood or ProSymmetry's websites or, read our case studies to see how great web design can affect your entire business.

B2B website design that sets you apart

We use design to build engaging, inspiring websites that turn visitors into profitable leads. Get in touch with us by using the form below, or if you prefer, send us a message at and we'll get back to you straight away!

B2B technology copywriter

Content and copywriting

Work with an amazing B2B technology copywriter to tell the world what you do with intelligent, deeply-researched content. Our in-house team of writers are all B2B technology experts - we understand enterprise technology better than any other marketing firm, and can help you present it in a way that convinces readers to get in touch with you.

You can offer the best products and services in the world, yet without powerful, compelling copy and content, your customers will never know.

B2B technology copywriter

A skilled B2B technology copywriter makes your content convert

Content is one of the few chances you get to share your view of the world with your customer base. Don’t waste that opportunity with rambling posts or boring company updates.

Working with a Fifty Five and Five B2B technology copywriter, you’ll receive bespoke content that adds value for your customers. We build a compelling story arc for all our clients to make sure their blogs, whitepapers and social content is unique. Our goal is to make you stand out from the competition as thought leaders in the B2B technology space.

Copywriting is about sales: ultimately, all the content we create is aimed at encouraging your ideal buyers to get in touch with your sales team.

Read our case studies to learn how we've helped with technology marketing and content creation for leading B2B tech companies like Sharegate and Nintex which generates a LOT of leads and increases sales.

Create content that keeps people coming back

Great content should influence and inspire. Talk to a Fifty Five and Five B2B technology copywriter today about creating content that will help you start conversations with customers.


Got a project?

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PPC Management Services for B2B tech

When you work with a PPC marketing agency, you need to work with partners who understand your sector and your customers. We provide PPC management services that focus exclusively on the B2B enterprise technology space. This means we have the insight to create ads that are relevant to business tech buyers, and we know where to place them to have the biggest impact for your ad budget.

When pay per click is done well, you can expect a rapid growth in brand exposure. However, poorly written ads or ineffective targeting can mean ads are shown to the wrong people and your money is wasted. Working closely with you, our team of PPC experts can devise a campaign which will hit your targets within your budget.

We have a good relationship with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other advertising platforms, and our proactive data-driven approach leads to high click-through rates, conversions and quality leads. We provide regular reporting as part of our services so that clients can see the results for themselves.

PPC management services from the experts

PPC is ultimately about bringing leads to your business. By building an intelligent strategy and drawing on years of experience at the cutting edge of PPC, we advise you on the best places for your ads. Our aim is to exceed industry averages for exposure and increase the chances of customers clicking and, ultimately, spending money with you.

Many leading enterprise tech companies, such as Dimension Data and ProServeIT depend on us as their PPC marketing agency - find out how we've helped companies like yours with PPC in our case studies pages.

Looking for advice on PPC strategy? Read our expert PPC blogs and our PPC campaign reporting template today!

Boost your click-through rate

Make your advertising budget work harder. We help you design the most effective ads which lead to conversions. Talk to us about your goals today.


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B2B social media marketing

B2B social media marketing should be one of the essential pillars of your digital marketing strategy. With a predicted 3 billion social media users worldwide by 2021, the digital world is more social than ever. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter started with the consumer in mind, but have quickly expanded to the enterprise, creating huge potential for businesses.

We manage accounts on all the major social platforms - such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - to increase your reach, boost your brand's recognition and build a targeted audience with a real interest in what you do.


B2B social media marketing


B2B social media marketing with a real impact

It's increasingly difficult to find private individuals who aren't on social media, and the same is becoming true for businesses. Technology companies need to find a voice on social media which is both memorable and unique. B2B social media marketing content is very different to B2C, and your strategy, and the kind of content you post needs to mirror this.

Working with us, you get access to highly experienced B2B social media marketing experts and the level of social media management that fits you. We can take part or full control of your social accounts, posting as frequently as you wish, and building your number of followers to gain greater influence.

Fifty Five and Five work on social media marketing for leading tech companies like and The Information Lab -  read our case studies to learn how we work with tech companies like yours.

Social media, managed

Social media offers a constant level of communication that is changing the way businesses interact with customers and clients. We can help grow your audience of potential customers, and keep social conversations going with them around the clock, in all geographies.


Ready to grow your audience?

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Graphic design services

Make your brand remarkable with our graphic design services. We are a London based marketing agency specialising in graphic design. Our in-house design team work closely with Microsoft Partners and B2B technology companies to create outstanding images, content formatting, branding and much, much more.

We combine graphic design with web functionality to provide you with measurable results, that could dramatically streamline your customers buying journey.

Whether you aim to make your whitepapers look and feel authoritative, design a new logo or create eye-catching images to support your blogs, our goal is to work closely with you to provide graphic design services which fit with your brand and company culture.

What we do

We take pride in the high quality we consistently produce for our clients, with expertise across a range of creative services including:

  • Font-choice
  • Logos
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Brochures
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Print and digital magazines
  • Whitepaper and eBook design
  • Landing pages
  • Stunning image choice

Graphic design services that suit your needs

We like to get inside the mind of our clients to solve their marketing problems. If you already have internal style guides, our highly experienced graphic designers can adapt to your individual style to ensure your designs are on-brand. Or, we can help you create a whole new style guide.

Take a look bat how we've helped the awesome B2B tech company, bluesource update their services brochure (case study here):


B2B Graphic design services

B2B Graphic design services

Work with a graphic design agency that understands technology

If you provide B2B tech products or services, you need a graphic design agency that understands your specific customer and their approach to purchasing technology services.

We work exclusively with B2B technology companies, meaning we know exactly what will impress your target audience and make you stand out on online, at trade shows and when you send out brochures and other direct marketing.

Read our graphic design case studies to learn how we've helped companies like yours stand out from the crowd in the B2B technology market.

Make your mark

Be remembered. Our graphic design team will ensure your customers see you as authoritative, professional and unique. Want to learn more about our graphic design services? Just complete the form below, or if you prefer, drop us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Strategy and campaigns

Don’t leave your marketing to chance. We provide sophisticated marketing strategy services to technology companies of all sizes, that exceed their corporate targets. Whether your end goal is to boost leads, grow your brand as a thought leader or see a major uptick in website traffic, we help you design a strategy that fits your goals and budget.

Outcomes for clients

When you develop your B2B marketing strategy with us, you receive a plan that provides a clear idea of the expected outcomes of the strategy. We work with you to develop quantifiable goals, KPIs and a path to how you can reach your destination. Ultimately, you can feel confident that the plan is realistic, rigorous and results-orientated.


It all starts with a strategy

Dream big. Get in touch with us and tell us what you want to achieve with your B2B marketing strategy by using the form below, or if you prefer, by sending an email to Looking forward to hearing from you!