The marketing AI copilot built for enterprise

Compass is the digital marketing agency of the future, delivered as an AI powered SaaS app.


Compass solves the knowledge gap between traditional agencies and their clients.

Domain knowledge is hard

A good agency knows everything about its clients, their sector, and of course digital marketing best practice. But building and maintaining this knowledge is hard. Knowledge management is hard. It's often a losing battle due to the sheer volume of data, multiple formats of communication and the need to get on with vital day-to-day work.

People and relationships change all the time

Agencies are services businesses and services are delivered by people. But people move around, change roles, and change companies. People get sick, take time off, and the great ones are  juggling many competing priorities. Clients have the exact same set of challenges.

Even the best humans are hardwired to be siloed

With the greatest knowledge management tools, and the finest people, siloes still occur. From people drawing different conclusions in the same workshop, to poor comms or internal politics – gaps in knowledge are unavoidable.

Compass will codify domain knowledge in a way never possible before

The brain of Compass contains a wealth of knowledge from a number of propriety sources. It has an inherent understanding of marketing best practice. And it is always improving.

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External data

Compass is able to update its dataset, pull content from the web, and go looking for new information.

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Client collateral

Users onboarded to Compass upload their own marketing guidelines, playbooks and collateral.

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Domain knowledge

Compass is trained on a wealth of propitiatory marketing data and content, provided exclusively by Fifty Five and Five.

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Large language models

Compass is able to draw upon multiple large language models, depending on the specific need and use case.

Compass offers a number of tools to solve specific use cases

Compass will eventually replace everything a marketing agency can do. We are starting with a focused set of priorities.

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Content by Compass

Create engaging copy for organic and paid social posts across all major platforms. Coming soon: Version 2 significantly enhances functionality with long form content and offers an exciting inventive UI. 

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Publishing by Compass

Getting the right content written, approved, and published in a timely manner is a common problem for many enterprise companies. Compass solves this problem with its unique AI-powered workflow approach.

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SEO by Compass

Compass SEO combines the power of AI with the 1000s of hours of experience Fifty Five and Five has delivering consultancy to 100s of clients. Get ready for an AI-led, automatically responsive SEO service that will drive results. 

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Reporting by Compass

Compass Reporting helps make sense of complex projects, delivering the insights that matter. Quickly and easily create precise and engaging reports for a wide range of use cases.

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