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Digital marketing for IT companies: 5 reasons a specialist agency is your best option

  • Overview of digital marketing for IT companies
  • Discussion of the pros of using a specialist agency over a generalist
  • 5 reasons tech companies should choose agencies that ‘get’ their tech

oday, Digital marketing for IT companies is more important than ever. Circulation of print magazines is down, traditional tech conferences are declining, and B2B tech buyer profiles are changing—with marketing, HR, finance and sales teams making their own tech decisions exclusive of IT. Traditional efforts for promoting your brand offer declining returns, while digital marketing for IT companies is on the up.

If you don’t have the time, the budget or the internal expertise, an obvious option is to turn to an external partner that can offer guidance on digital marketing for IT companies. There are, of course, countless digital marketing agencies out there, yet the majority of these are generalists.

They’ll produce digital marketing for both B2B and B2C companies. They’ll write blogs for insurance firms, airlines, hairdressing salons and restaurant chains. And while they will produce a good and professional standard of work, it will often take them days to get to grips with your complicated technical product or service, understand who your audience are and how to write content that resonates with them.

Doesn’t sound quite like what you want from your B2B tech digital marketing partner, does it?

We’ve compiled five of the best reasons why a specialist agency produces better digital marketing for IT companies.

Digital marketing for IT companies is its own kettle of fish

If you manage the marketing for a tech company, here are the reasons why you should consider using an agency who specialise in digital marketing for IT companies.

1. Gives you immediate experience

You want to market your services but with so many factors to consider—your budget, whether your focus is on inbound or outbound marketing, the tools you need to succeed—it can be difficult to know where to begin. The answers to these questions can be what gets your marketing moving.

Without the proper experience, you will have to go through a long (and expensive) period of trial and error to understand what works for your company, your audience and your industry. An agency that has experience running digital marketing for IT companies, just like yours, already knows what works and what doesn’t and can spend its time sculpting your unique voice, which will achieve better results much faster.

2. Enjoy an expert skillset

One 2017 study found that only 8% of UK marketers have the entry level skills to produce the kind of digital marketing for IT companies that produces results.

In your organisation, ask yourself who’s going to:

  • Consistently create content
  • Optimise for search engines
  • Post across social media channels every day
  • Set campaign goals
  • Analyse the level of traffic and leads from each campaign
  • Understand and benchmark what you are doing well and where you need to improve?

Terry from R&D? Sure, he wrote a couple of decent technical blogs once, but it was only two posts, and that was last year.

Partnering with a specialist agency gives you an entire marketing department instantly that you don’t have to train, who are on top of the latest marketing trends, and who are ready to put a full campaign in motion.

3. Cost benefits

You need to consider the best way of growing leads and turning these leads into new customers. You could build your own team dedicated to marketing your brand. But with all the different roles you need to fill, it will quickly put a strain on your marketing budget.

If your focus is on providing a tech solution or service, you probably don’t need a whole team of social media experts, website designers, writers and analysts. Yet, you do need access to everything they would bring to the table, marketing-wise. A specialist technology marketing agency can give you all the expertise you need at a much lower overall cost.

4. Plug into cutting-edge solutions

For a tech company, working with the latest solutions should be a given. But it isn’t always the case. When it comes to marketing their services, a lot of companies don’t have access to the right marketing tools or fail to take advantage of the tools that are readily available. There are a lot out there. On behalf of our clients, and for our internal marketing, we use Moz for SEO, Mailchimp for newsletter campaigns and our own benchmarking tool, Maya to help clients improve their online marketing channels. But how do you choose the tools that are right for your business? And once you choose them, who will operate them effectively?

Marketing takes time. By working with a marketing agency that specialises in the tech industry you get access to the right tools and solutions for the job, operated by experts that know what will and won’t work. This speeds up the entire process of marketing your organisation, allowing you to reap the rewards faster.

5. You hit the ground running

When you choose a specialist agency over a generalist one, you cut down on the time it takes for them to learn the basics of your product. If they are IT specialists they will already understand the world of your business – like the Microsoft Partner Network, for example. Especially, if they are a Microsoft Partner themselves who work every day with Microsoft and the Microsoft Partner Network. They’re going to understand what an API is; they will know who buys tech, they are familiar and comfortable with SharePoint, etc.

See where your business could go

These are some of the big reasons why a specialist agency can provide the best, most effective digital marketing for IT companies. Partner with an expert IT marketing agency and see all the benefits first-hand. If you’d like some specific examples of how a specialist marketing agency can work wonders for their clients, look at some of our case studies to see how we partnered with and delivered value for our clients, helping them stand out in a niche, yet crowded marketplace.


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