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Email marketing

Email marketing helps you connect with a wider audience than traditional media marketing, strengthening relationships for a fraction of the cost. We work with you across the breadth of your email marketing campaigns, from targeting the right audience through A/B testing and audience segmentation to email design, copy, and distribution. We also use some of the latest analytical tools to bring precise metrics like open & click rates to draw insight on email performance and continuously improve the service.

Outcomes for clients

With a strategic approach and a strong message, your email marketing campaigns can be targeted, measurable, credible and cost-effective. We can help you create them.

Working with us, you’ll receive advice, guidance and support on how to create the perfect email campaign (recurring or one-off) for your company. From addressing the right points of emphasis to matching the design to your brand, we can work with you to generate memorable and actionable email campaigns.

Effective email isn’t easy

Creating monthly, or even weekly email campaigns can take up considerable time. Talk to us today about email marketing to see how we can help.


Got a project?

We’d love to help you create compelling email campaigns. Get in touch by filling out the form, or if you prefer, send an email direct to and we’ll get back to you.

“Every email must have a purpose and offer value. With tailored content, and an analytical approach, we deliver emails your audience wants to read.”

- Stephen Reilly, Writer

Our email marketing services

  • Monthly management
  • Fresh content
  • Data driven
  • Regular reporting
  • Integration
  • Automation

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