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Company overview

Over 1.5 million licensed enterprise users from thousands of companies count on harmon.ie to increase their adoption and return on investments in SharePoint, Office 365 and other Microsoft collaboration products.

Whether it’s Email Management, Records Management or Knowledge Retention, harmon.ie make email all about the user.

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Having a small marketing team, harmon.ie had built up a solid brand and readership. They had ideas about what key benefits they wanted to highlight across their products and services but needed help to develop these ideas into specific marketing assets with depth and value for their readers, customers, and potential leads. Because the solutions they wanted to highlight are technical, niche and Microsoft-based products, they were on the lookout for a partner who understood the Microsoft environment and what might appeal to their B2B audience.

When we first began working with harmon.ie they needed extra resource to execute their content marketing strategy. They required a partner to write several blog articles a month to help generate leads in the B2B technology space.

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From the beginning, our relationship with harmon.ie was solidified through good work and consistently achieving goals and milestones for the business. The content we provided for them was successful from a harmon.ie brand point of view and helped them increase the traffic to their website, viewer engagement, ultimately an increase in Marketing Qualified Leads.

Great journey’s start with small steps. Our relationship Fifty Five and Five developed and grew organically from basic content marketing execution to becoming the company’s de facto outsourced marketing agency, responsible for SEO functionalities, web development, tactical content marketing, pay-per-click advertising and overall marketing strategy.

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The outcome

Fifty Five and Five provided harmon.ie with a steady monthly stream of quality content, including blogs articles, case studies, eBook and whitepaper guides, and industry surveys and reports. We created stand-alone campaigns, including the Top 25 SharePoint Influencers both in Europe and Worldwide in 2018 and 2019 that proved to be a huge interest and engagement generator for the business. And to help capture and nurture the increase in leads we helped redevelop their website.

The natural evolution from sporadic content provider to full-service marketing partner was down to success and trust. We held weekly marketing calls with the harmon.ie team to discuss ongoing projects, ideas and overall marketing strategy, as well as attended their annual general meeting in Israel each year and regional meetings in the UK. The relationship between Fifty Five and Five and harmon.ie is one we’re always proud to celebrate.


harmon.ie saw an increase in overall traffic of 31.69% (from 224,377 sessions to 295,475)

Bounce rate

We decreased the bounce rate across their blog pages from 84.26% down to 52.50% (-31.69%)

New visitors

Number of new visitors to the site increased by 7.44% (from 148,749 to 159,817 new users)

Social media

In our first year working together, the number of sessions from social media increased by 19.33% compared to previous year (+1,037 sessions). In the second year, sessions increased by 14.7% compared to previous year (941 sessions).


The lead completion rate achieved was 82.4% higher than the benchmark. The number of leads was 119.7% higher than the predicted number of leads.

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David Lavenda, Chief Product Officer and VP Marketing

“Our relationship with Fifty Five and Five developed significantly over time, to the point where they became our outsourced marketing agency for social, SEO, web development, PPC, content and strategy. The team has the expertise and knowledge to find solutions for our every digital marketing need.

David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer and VP Marketing at harmon.ie

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