how to grow twitter audience

3 tools that help you grow your company’s Twitter presence – and how to use them

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for B2B marketers. A big Twitter presence can increase the reach of your content, introduce you to new audiences, develop your brand’s personality and help you engage with leads. However, as a marketing tool, Twitter is only really as valuable as the number of quality followers you have.

how to grow twitter audience

How to grow Twitter audience

So, how can you increase the number of people following your account? Our eBook outlines three major tools you can use to boost your Twitter presence. We’re not talking about buying lists or relentlessly following anyone in the hope of them following you back. Instead, we look at how you can use specialist tools to increase the number of genuine, engaged and relevant followers you have on Twitter to create real brand engagement and start conversations with leads. The eBook includes guidance on three tools to boost your Twitter presence:

  • Twitter Analytics – understand your Twitter activity and performance
  • Audiense – understand your followers and following stats
  • BuzzSumo – understand the community and trending topics

Drawing on Fifty Five and Five’s work boosting the Twitter presence of many of the world’s leading B2B technology companies, this guide will provide you with actionable insights to improve your social media reach.

Boost your followers

Monitor your performance on a regular basis, spot top performing posts and tailor your future posts.

Share your content

Find out what your followers love, and give them content and news that they can’t help but like and retweet.

Engage with the community

Keep up with what your community is talking about and what they are interested in.

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