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Company overview

Founded in 1999, ICit Business Intelligence is a specialised consultancy and market leader in financial and operational planning. They help their clients adopt modern practices and cloud-based planning, forecasting and analysis solutions, transforming their processes to achieve clarity and control.


After more than two decades of success in the business intelligence space, ICit needed new identity and digital presence that would focus not just on their partners’ financial and operational planning solutions but also showcase ICit’s own unique value to prospective customers 

It was crucial to strike this balance perfectly, foregrounding the company’s unique selling points as well as expressing the benefits of each software platform. And it was also vital that any new content would connect with ICit’s accounting audience in a compelling and credible way. It needed to resonate with the specific needs and goals of their roles and businesses.

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Fifty Five and Five conducted a deep discovery phase to identify the core of ICit’s brand and value proposition, as well as the messages and design decisions that would connect most effectively with prospective customers.  

Via research and consultation with ICit, we pinpointed the key benefits and positioning of the two main business intelligence technologies they provide, as well as ICit’s solutions expertise, qualifications, awards and differentiating factors.  

We used all these learnings to create their new branding and website, as well as promotional social media and video assets. All with fresh, up-to-date visual style and copy that would portray ICit as the modern market-leader it is.  

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The outcome

Now ICit have a new website and vibrant brand brought to life by Fifty Five and Five across ICit’s digital channelsWith this new digital presence, they and their message stand out clearly and powerfully in the crowded business intelligence market.  

ICit’s digital marketing now focusses on their unique expertise and experience in delivering financial planning and analysis solutions and consultancy  rather than just the technology they provideWe gave them a new voice and built an effective platform for future marketing plans – one they can be confident will serve them well long into the future.  

Mark Bodger

Fifty Five and Five got to the heart of what we do, who our customers are and what really speaks to them. They brought all that to life in a new website and branding that present us in the way we want to be seen.

Mark Bodger
Business Development Director, ICit

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