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Creating a raft of engaging content and copy.

A veteran in the field of user experience

With over 25 years’ experience in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practice, Infragistics have cemented their place as a worldwide leader in the enterprise software design space. With their own dedicated tools for rapid prototyping, self-service business intelligence and a mobile SharePoint, Infragistics support developers to build powerful, engaging and dynamic tools.

Business blogs, technical blogs, eBooks and whitepapers

We work with Infragistics across a number of content marketing projects. Through content for blogs, whitepapers and eBooks, we cover all manner of business, technical, and thought leadership subjects for both digital and print distribution.

Infragistics were looking for an agency that could offer them a wealth of technical expertise in the software developer tools and enterprise mobility space. Our team is unique in this respect, able to write with real clarity and understanding about Infragistics’ products and services.

We have worked on projects that show how Infragistics’ tools can be used in a diverse range of sectors:

  • Construction
  • Banking and Finance
  • Education and Training
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Company summary


London, UK

Company size
201-500 employees

“The writers at Fifty Five and Five understand a vast range of technical enterprise and B2B technology subjects. Their knowledge of the Microsoft enterprise world is invaluable in their work for us”.

- Josh Anderson, VP of Marketing

What we’ve done for Infragistics