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This guest post is authored by Jennifer Tomlinson, Channel Marketing Evangelist, and Senior Manager for Global Partner Channels and Programs for the Microsoft Partner Network. We wanted to hear her thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018 and top tips for partners looking to get the most out of the event.

There are so many ways we can gain access to information these days; so many great ways to sharpen our skills. We can read blogs, watch TED Talks, listen to podcasts or sit in on live webinars without ever having to leave our desk (or even home). So, with such a rich vein of information and communication constantly at hand, and with it taking less time to do everything we want to do these days, why would we incur the time and expense of attending a conference, and in person at that?

Well actually, there are many reasons. In fact, attending conferences may be one of the best things you do all year, for yourself and for your business.

What is Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018?

Formerly the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018 is the biggest event of the year for Microsoft Partners. It has previously hosted 16,000-plus attendees from over 130 countries and is a week packed full of networking, learning and ideas. This year’s event will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 15th–19th and is sure to be action-packed with all kinds of resources, all with the goal of enabling Microsoft partners to accelerate business and increase profitability.

Conferences are a great way of meeting people that can be of benefit to your business

It should probably go without saying that if you are considering attending a conference, it should be the right one. You wouldn’t attend a conference for physicians if you weren’t a doctor. So, it’s obviously important to choose an event that will cater to your field of interest. And if you’re a Microsoft Partner (or someone thinking of becoming one) there’s no place quite like Microsoft Inspire. Let’s look at some of the key reasons you, and your business, should attend Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018:

Creating leads and partnerships

Networking is one of the most obvious goals for a lot of people when they register for a conference like Inspire Conference 2018. And it makes sense: for all that social networking and great communication solutions give us for connecting with each other during the year, there’s nothing quite like the opportunity to meet existing customers and clients and potential customers in person. The Inspire Conference 2018 gives you the chance to swap ideas (and contact details) and turn leads into sales, sales into returning customers and early-stage meetings into firm partnerships.

It’s not just potential customers that you’ll be meeting at Inspire, either. The event is also full of other Microsoft partners that bring with them in-depth learning on business-building strategies across multiple industries. It’s a hotbed of ideas and inspiration (hence the name) and could well prove to be just what you need to stimulate the next great solution for your organisation or a face-to-face conversation that can lead to your company’s next big opportunity.

Strengthen partnership with Microsoft

Kicking off with a keynote from Satya Nadella, or an event hosted by Gavriella Schuster, and many more events by leading figures in the Microsoft family and across the tech industry is just the beginning. In addition to the keynotes, you’ll have the chance to meet and connect with plenty of Microsoft contacts. You never know who you will run into at a partner party or in the lunch line on the expo floor. This is true for all conferences but is especially true at Inspire, where you’ll be sharing floor space with industry experts and a huge contingent from Microsoft themselves. You might not bump into Satya himself, but there are ample opportunities to build some great contacts with Microsoft representatives.

Keynotes, workshops and interactive presentations

Inspire is known for its sessions and 2018 it’s set to be better than ever, and there will be plenty of seminars that you’re not going to want to miss. A full schedule will be out soon: keep up with the latest information on the Inspire homepage or follow on Twitter.

Inspire Conference 2018 is about learning, improving and developing sales, marketing and leadership strategies while increasing technical and business acumen on Microsoft products and solutions. It’s where you and thousands of other partners get to meet to exchange ideas and transform business. Mingle with fellow partners and attend keynotes with Microsoft leaders and breakout sessions with industry experts.

So, if you want a conference that focuses on marketing, customer experience, social media and content, as well as all the other benefits I’ve mentioned above, then come to Las Vegas on July 15th and take part in a week full of festivities and see how your organisation can benefit most from the partner gathering of 2018. It might take some planning to make the most of your trip, but Inspire Conference 2018 has the potential to give your business a boost that will last for the rest of the year and beyond—and you can’t say that for a podcast or an informational video!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register for Inspire Conference 2018. We’ll see you in July!

We want to thank Jennifer for her time discussing Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018 and all the things that partners have to look forward to this year! Don’t forget to check back with us for the latest updates in coming months.