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Company overview

As Africa’s largest telecom provider, Liquid Telecom are already a main player in the technology market. Their network spans the entire continent and has played a vital role in encouraging and supporting the technological and economic development of countries right across the African continent.


Liquid Telecom owns and operates Africa’s largest independent fibre network, having played a vital role in the continent’s digital transformation so far. As technology began to move on, however, so did the company – and they began to set their sights towards the cloud. With cloud services growing in popularity across Africa Liquid Telecom wanted to expand and modernise their business model, tap into a new market and grow an entirely new customer base. But as far as marketing cloud services was concerned, the company were starting from a blank slate. What they needed was a partner who could guide them through their journey to become a leading cloud services provider (CSP) in a developing market. To achieve this, they needed a marketing partner with an intimate knowledge of cloud technology and the wider Microsoft ecosystem. Fifty Five and Five quickly emerged as the best partner for the job.

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When Liquid Telecom approached us, we knew we had what was needed to make this project a success. Having worked intimately with the Microsoft Partner community for several years, we had exactly the knowledge base and expertise that was required to guide them through their transformation. Our first job was to host a series of in-depth workshops, during which we could become experts on all things Liquid Telecom. We worked closely with their team, including group and regional stakeholders, to learn everything there was to know about the company, their processes and their objectives. With these insights, we created The Liquid Telecom Cloud Marketing Manifesto. This wide-reaching document laid out a detailed cloud marketing roadmap to guide them through the process of developing a new marketing channel. It achieved this by detailing the marketing activities that would help them achieve their goals and the messages that would be effective in helping reach these new audiences.

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The outcome

With this new document, we ensured that sales and marketing teams right around the world could be unified by the same messages and tactics. But more importantly than that, we laid the groundwork to open up an entirely new market for Liquid Telecom. With the framework established, Liquid Telecom were eager to get started – and we were there to help get the ball rolling.

We then planned and executed an initial campaign following the recommendations in the document, encouraging business users to upgrade to Office 365. Including an eBook, case studies, blogs and a paid media campaign, this work put the recommendations from the Marketing Manifesto into action on a focused pilot campaign.

We gained a fantastic number of leads on this project and laid the basis for a thorough and comprehensive transformation of their marketing approach. Over the course of the 2019-2020, Liquid Telecom achieved a growth rate of 17.5%, which was partly supported by this expansion into the cloud space. Indeed Microsoft CSP revenue increased 300%. Today, Microsoft cloud technology is a key part of Liquid Telecom’s portfolio, and the company is playing a vital role in accelerating Africa’s next wave of digital transformation.

Fifty Five and Five played a pivotal role in helping us transition into one of Africa’s leading providers of Microsoft cloud technology.”

David Behr
Chief Digital Officer at Liquid Telecom

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