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  • Maya is a new tool for Microsoft Partners to measure marketing metrics
  • Generate reports that score your marketing efforts
  • Track your digital marketing improvements over time
Digital marketing has never been bigger. Whether you’re a small tech start-up just beginning to attract attention or a major consultancy with 5,000 employees, measuring your digital marketing metrics is integral to understanding how well you’re reaching new audiences, retaining customers, and driving leads.

But success in this area requires strategy. This is where simply recognising digital marketing’s importance doesn’t match up to practical implementation (particularly for companies in the B2B industry). This is largely due to a lack of time, budget (37% of marketers state budget constraints hinder them from conducting an efficient marketing strategy) or the right data (42% state that a lack of quality data is the biggest barrier to lead generation).

Maya is here to help

Maya is a tool we have built in association with Microsoft to help you benchmark your organisation’s digital marketing efforts. The tool functions as your ‘digital CMO’ – helping you track and build a coherent and successful digital marketing strategy at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO role.

What’s in a digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy involves the type of content you’re going to prioritise, how you’re going to reach audiences and, crucially, how you’ll measure the impact of what you’re doing. Fundamentally, this includes content, website, and social media marketing—but it can evolve alongside your business. Comprehensive marketing strategies may include video, email, paid ad campaigns, and more.

Maya: how does it measure your marketing metrics?

Maya produces a detailed report on your success across the core digital marketing metrics—blogging output, website quality and social media engagement—highlighting your biggest areas of improvement and advising you on how to improve. We call it benchmarking because you’re given a ‘benchmark’ of your progress, the first of which serves as a foundation from which you can improve. Building on from the foundation, Maya offers you more, the more you use it. You could take, for instance, a monthly ‘reading’ of your digital marketing efforts with Maya to highlight the progress you are making.

Maya is entirely objective, ranking your marketing efforts independently. The benchmarking feature is also completely free to use—all we need is your email address to email you your report (and give you the option to sign up to our monthly Maya newsletter!)

Let’s look at how you can use Maya to continuously measure your marketing metrics.

A how-to guide to benchmarking your marketing metrics

Step 1

Head to – you can get started right away, but we suggest creating a Maya account, so you can log your reports and begin benchmarking your digital marketing.

Step 2

Add your details so Maya can generate your report—make sure you include “https://” in your URL and validate your blog address so Maya can find your RSS feed. Maya will then start analysing your blog, website and social media accounts (if you’ve added them all).

Maya crunches the data across your entire blog, website and social feeds – so the process can take a while! If you’re in a rush, you can have your report emailed to you once it’s ready.

marketing metrics

Step 3

Now you can review your report. See where you scored high and low and start taking steps to improve! Maya provides a detailed review of the quality of content within your digital marketing channels. Your content is tested against a range of metrics to build an overall picture of your marketing. You also get advice on all key areas to help you improve on your weakest areas and improve your score.

marketing metrics

Each report Maya creates can be viewed on your dashboard.

Turn analysis into action with Maya PRO

Maya’s benchmarking tool is completely free to use. But we’ve recently released Maya PRO – a subscription-based service that goes further into helping you improve your marketing metrics. Included in Maya PRO is the Maya Knowledge Base: a hub of highly-actionable content crafted to help you improve your marketing, and curated so you see personalized content that’s relevant to your report score.

marketing metrics

Need to learn how to better structure you blog posts, or come up with fresh ideas for B2B tech blogs? Want to know the best time to tweet to get maximum exposure, or how to grow your Twitter and LinkedIn following? Want to know some quick tricks to speed up your website? Maya PRO has step-by-step, easy-to-follow videos to improve your marketing in the areas specific to your company.

In the end, Maya is about leads

We know from experience that consistent and high-quality digital marketing translates to the most important of all the marketing metrics: leads. We’ve seen the impact that marketing campaigns can have on our clients’ bottom line and how the right website, the right blog and the right level of engagement on social channels can significantly increase the number of leads that arrive at your digital door.

Not only does Maya help with benchmarking your digital marketing efforts. It highlights the areas you need to improve, and gives you the knowledge to do so, to improve your marketing consistently across the board. So, try our digital benchmarking tool today to measure your marketing metrics and incorporate it into your long-term strategy.

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Chris Wright

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