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Meet the team: Bianca, account manager

Today, we’ll have a chat with Bianca Hansen, an account manager on our client services team. Bianca will reveal some of her account management tips and insights she’s picked up during her career.  

Hi Bianca. Tell us a little about yourself.  

Hey there! I’m a relatively new member of the team, but I bring with me two years of B2B tech vendor account management experience. In my previous roles, I spent my daytoday advising on go-to-market strategies and best practices, with CEO, CMOs and product leaders. Now at Fifty Five and Five I not only get to advise and guide clients on strategy, but we also have a brilliant team that brings that advice to life.  

Who do you report to at Fifty Five and Five? 

I’m lucky to work closely with and report directly to our Head of Client Services Aidan and our CEO Chris. They might not see it that way, with me constantly pinging them with questions and updates 😉 (Chris & Aidan: “We do!”) but transparency and good communication is a key part of success in this role.  

What does a typical working day look like for you?  

That is a tough one to answer, because so much of it changes daily, weekly and monthly. Having said that, I think its part of my job to make sure that things are indeed changing. 

How do you mean? 

Well, the one constant in my daytoday is: “How have I progressed the work, client’s agenda, account, etc?” So, I approach each day with highlevel review of which clients I’ll be working with today. Next comes my todo listI make sure its actionpacked.  


I ask myself: “What action can I take today that will progress or change the account for the better?” This allows my daily to dolist to be very resultsdriven.  

Actionpacked list asidethe rest of my day is split between supporting the Fifty Five and Five team by being an advocate for our clients, being their voice, and developing our client relationships further.  

What does it take be good in your role? 

Cleargood communication is essential as an account manager. It’s the founding pillar for any internal or external relationships that you develop in this role. I need to be able to clearly articulate what the client can expect from us, as well as vice versa. I think a good account manager lives and breathes expectationsetting and handling. That’s tough to achieve without good communication skills.  

Time management is what sets the pace for your daytoday. And, having good time management allows you to have a great work week. 🙂  

Lastly, not to sound too cliché, but teamwork and cooperation are key. I know I’m only one piece of a much larger puzzle, and the client receives the most value when great minds collaborate.  

What do you love about your job?  

The conversations that I get to have with my clients are by far my favourite aspect of the job. Discussing strategy with them and our team always keeps me excited and curious. Second to that would be the opportunity I have to speak with leaders of such cool tech companies 

What’s the hardest part?  

This comes back to time management. It’s a challenge that I think you can find in any role, and it certainly applies to this one. Having good time management sets the rhythm and pace for how the relationship with the client will develop, and it goes without saying that a good client relationship is what account managers strive for.  

Having said that, it’s also crucial to have good time management internally. That means to be well-synced with the wider team that is supporting you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so plan to ensure everyone has the tools and information they need, but most importantly the time they need to execute it. Delivering value to clients consistently and effectively can only be achieved by striking a balance between the two.  

Finally, what advice would you give to someone starting out in your role as an account manager? 

Be ambitious. Be proactive. Be curious. 

Thanks, Bianca.  

Thank you, too.  

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Alex Carnegie

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