Microsoft Partner Top 50 Movers and Shakers: Masters of Content

Content marketing is a great way to increase organic traffic and generate conversions. We present the latest in the Microsoft Partner Top 50.

Stephen Reilly
5 MIN|November 15, 2021

It’s all about content in this month’s Microsoft Partner Top 50 Movers and Shakers special. Why? Because content marketing is a great way to increase organic traffic and generate conversions. If you have doubts, then check out our guide, invest in a content marketing strategy, and track the results over time.

Content, content, content! We miss you, Ballmer.

Content is an important pillar in B2B content marketing agency Fifty Five and Five’s Microsoft Partner Top 50, which ranks Microsoft partners based on the quality of their inbound marketing efforts. In this post, we present the latest highlights from the Microsoft partners who’ve made significant strides in their content scores over the last few months.

September’s Top Movers and Shakers

A Microsoft partner’s content score in the Top 50 looks at how well written their content is across all channels, as well as how easy it is to understand and consume. We’ll start by highlighting the great work of four Microsoft partners who’ve made impressive moves in the content department in September’s Top 50 scoreboard. Those partners are:


Beezy have been flying high with a great content score for a number of months, but August and September have been particularly exceptional. In terms of overall position in the Top 50, Beezy have been ranking in double digits for a long time, but officially entered the single digit rankings in August. As of writing, they sit at #5 in the Top 50. Great work, team!

Beezy is an all-in-one Intelligent Workplace solution for Office 365. They help large, global enterprises like Monster, Bank of England and ZF to bring together Collaboration, Communication, Knowledge, and Processes.


Alongside Beezy, CodeTwo entered the Top 50 for the first time in August. Their current overall rank is #38 and their content score has improved dramatically in the last few months (yes, we rank companies before they enter the Top 50 too!) Congratulations, CodeTwo! Onwards and upwards.

CodeTwo really express themselves on their homepage in a refreshing, and refreshingly simple, manner. They have coupled a simple opening statement of what they do with the backdrop of rolling footage of (what looks like) their actual office and employees, their customers and what they do for them. You could sit at this juncture of the website and understand who they are without having to navigate anywhere. Except maybe to the contact button. An excellent example of efficient communication.

Clear Measure

Clear Measure entered the Top 50 for the first time in September after months of climbing the ranks. Currently, their content score is the highest it’s ever been and their overall position in the Top 50 is #26. We want to see you in the top 25 next time, Clear Measure! You’ve got this.

Clear Measure is a software design and DevOps consulting firm. Since its inception, it has grown into one of the fastest-growing technology services companies in Central Texas and in 2016, it was #1 on Austin Fast 50, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in Central Texas. If you need to automate software delivery, modernize your current applications, build a new application or migrate to the cloud, these are services we offer to help you develop, deploy and manage with confidence.

Xperience Group

Xperience Group have long been on the border of the Top 50, sometimes making it in and sometimes missing just slightly. However, Xperience Group have now been in the Top 50 since August and have cemented a solid position for themselves at #28. Their content scores have been excellent, and we’re seeing consistent improvement. Solid work, team! Definitely a riser.

Xperience work with some of the UK and Ireland’s biggest brands, partnering with world leaders in technology to provide best-in-class digital transformation solutions across Cloud, Managed IT, CRM, and ERP. For a company comprised of digital experts, it’s no surprise to see web and social assets that are eye-catching and informative. Check out their blog or LinkedIn profile to see what we’re talking about.

BEMO on stellar content

This blog series aims to provide unique insight for Microsoft partners to help them achieve marketing success. This month, BEMO achieved their highest ever content score and best overall rank, currently sitting at #34.

Experts in cybersecurity and all things Microsoft 365, BEMO enable any small or medium-sized organization to conduct business securely in today’s connected world. Visting BEMO’s website for the first time, you’ll come to appreciate the transparency offered when it comes to product pricing. Their cost calculator will ask a few questions about your needs and provide you with an upfront total cost – so you can either get in touch to learn more or continue with your search elsewhere. We love the transparency for potential customers – which is perhaps why BEMO isn’t afraid to shout about their high star rating on Trustpilot either. Their blog and social channels are also filled to the brim with insights and useful content.

We spoke to Steve Gershik, Vice President of Marketing at BEMO, to find out their secret behind top-notch content:

“One of our goals as a business is to operate in a radically transparent way.  We use tools like SEMRush to help us with the technical aspects of attracting traffic to our blog, but our content strategy is about providing our customers with everything they could possibly know, do or think about when it comes to making effective use of the Microsoft Cloud.”

Customers come first for Mercury xRM

Mercury xRM are another high-flyer in the Microsoft Partner Top 50. Mercury xRM have dramatically improved their content score over the last few months, and their current overall rank is #30.

Mercury xRM’s homepage performs that difficult balancing act of keeping the right information simple and not designing a boring website. Their website has a dynamic feel to it which is consistent throughout the site, the blog and social channels.

We reached out to Daniel Fox, Marketing Manager at Mercury xRM to understand what makes Mercury xRM’s content so successful.

“Our content, much like all our marketing, is formed by listening to the customer.  Understanding their needs, concerns and areas of interest gets you halfway there on the journey to writing engaging material. We plan our content in advance.  We find that having a plan that runs a month or so out allows us to continuously review and improve and react to unexpected opportunities that arise.”

Are you in?

That’s it for this month’s edition of the Microsoft Partner Top 50 Movers and Shakers blog. Save our monthly updated Top 50 Microsoft partners site to see how you and other organisations in your space rank in terms of the quality of your inbound marketing efforts.

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