Nintex is the recognized global leader in workflow and content automation technology. The company’s easy to use technology solutions support the efficient management of processes at thousands of enterprise organisations worldwide, allowing users to tackle anything from basic business functions like document approval to sophisticated company-wide and even intra-company processes. Nintex solutions allow information workers to quickly and easily build on-prem to cloud-based workflows in a few clicks as no coding is required.

Engaging content that drives traffic

Nintex wanted to build market awareness and drive more traffic to its website,, through content marketing. However, to produce the kind of consistent, high quality content which would lead to an uptick in traffic, time on site and, ultimately, leads, Nintex knew this would require a lot of time and dedication from internal staff.

The initial engagement with Fifty Five and Five was to produce a couple of blogs and a whitepaper. Over time, this relationship has evolved. Today, we are a strategic communications partner for Nintex who produces weekly blog posts, as well as regular in-depth whitepapers, design work, eBooks and interactive blogs.

Besides content relating to the Nintex Workflow platform, we have also interviewed senior staff at the business to produce thought leadership articles on topics as diverse as the future workplace and guidance on new regulations. We have also interviewed independent experts on how workflow automation could be applied in different industries for the Nintex blog.

Nintex case study

Goals achieved

Nintex’s goal with its content marketing campaign was to generate more market awareness and boost traffic to its website. The initial targets have been surpassed. After just a few months of working with Fifty Five and Five, sessions on the Nintex blog had doubled on the previous year, bounce rates had dropped significantly and users heading to Nintex’s main website from the blog had grown by 50%.

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