Our approach

We put the fifty five first in every thing we do. We think, we plan, we strategise. We do our research and use data to complement our creativity. The fifty five is not about an amount of time, it’s about a quality of thought.

With the fifty five in place, the five, the execution, is setup to succeed. We then prove our results with data.

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How our approach helps the world’s leading brands solve their problems.

Tapping into the SME market

Google wanted to understand how they could tap into the SME market with their Android Enterprise Essentials product, and recruit resellers. Our approach was to take a step back and create a Value Proposition for the Android product, but aimed at these potential resellers themselves. This angle allowed us to ask questions that hadn’t been posed before, and ultimately deliver the right result.

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A digital tool to scale partner marketing

Microsoft Corp tasked us with the problem of how they scale their marketing efforts to nearly half a million partners worldwide. We looked at the problem from a different angle (the ‘fifty five’). What would encourage partners to consistently improve their go-to marketing efforts themselves? The solution (the five’) was a partner benchmarking tool to incentivise and gamify quality marketing, all driven by the partner.

Evolving Adobe's relationship with CMOs

Adobe was looking for high value content to strengthen their relationships with CMOs. We suggested starting by revisiting the inhouse persona work, and really questioning the assumptions that had been made. With this research complete it was really clear the specific content that was needed, and the form it needed to take.

Raising the bar of channel partner excellence

Dell wanted to better understand the ROI on their partner co-op spending. Working closely with senior stakeholders we devised an exercise were partners could submit annual marketing plans to be judged by an expert panel. We helped design the processjudging criteria, and we sat on the panel.

A strategic partner for paid media

We are the global paid media partner of record for NTT. Beyond running paid media campaigns for them, NTT look to us to define their overall strategy for each campaign. This sort of work is the very definition of the ‘fifty five’. A paid media campaign lives or dies by it’s strategy – where are the audience, how do we reach them, what content appeals? NTT trust us to get this right, and we do.

A content marketing machine

LiveTiles approached us to help with their content marketing requirements. They needed a partner who truly understood the world of modern digital collaboration. We were able to execute on their vision, because of the experience and expertise we have as an agency in the world of B2B technology – understanding these sorts of problems is in our agency DNA.

Our inspiration

When Albert Einstein was asked: “If you have one hour to solve a problem, how would you spend that hour?” He replied,

“I would spend fifty five minutes defining the problem, and then I would need just five minutes to solve it.”

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