This is the latest in a series of blogs looking at our rebrand efforts. This week I want to discuss our new tone of voice, which as Head of Content I was responsible for. You can find the document below, and hopefully it really speaks for itself. But there is one area we really wanted to focus on. And it was being more confident. As the document states:

We are confident, have personality, are charming. But we’re also serious about our work. We try our best to avoid writing about mundane subjects mundanely. We strive to have an interesting angle on subjects that appeal to those interested in marketing and in technology.

I think in the past we have been a little reserved, a little slow to be our own cheerleaders. This new tone of voice is all about changing that. We are good at what we do, we have talented people and mature processes. And we have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t across all types of projects. So we want to say that! Have a read of the slides below and we’ve love to know what you think.