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The power of B2B video marketing: decoded

  • The rise of video in B2B marketing
  • Snapchat for business and companies that do it well
  • Showcasing human elements to form emotional connections to your business

80% of all internet traffic will come from video in 2019

Producing a good quality video used to be an expensive procedure, but smartphones have brought high-quality video recording to the masses. B2B video marketing is getting an upgrade in 2018 and it’s all thanks to an unprecedented number of visual mediums we have to work with. Videos are more accessible, better supported by technology and can more easily be consumed by audiences than ever before – one-third of online activity is spent watching video, and over half of video content is viewed on mobile. By 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video.

The rise of B2B video marketing

While video has great potential for increasing website clicks and social sharing, for B2B marketers the success rates of using video can be difficult to measure in terms of your company’s bottom line.

Take Snapchat for example. One of the last companies you’d think would take advantage of the platform is manufacturing mainstay General Electric. But they were one of the first to jump on board Snapchat for business and have built one of the best accounts around. They use it to make science fun again, sending snap stories from around their factories, inside volcanoes and even use it to recruit employees. IT leader Cisco approaches Snapchat for business in a different way; by focusing on their employees rather than products, helping customers to form a connection with the company beyond product placement.


And here are a few more B2B video marketing stats to sway you:

Emotions and video marketing: the science behind success

If what you’re selling isn’t considered traditionally exciting, find other aspects of your company to show off. Showcasing a human element to your workplace will always go a long way in developing client connections, and it’s worth leveraging the power of emotions to get closer to your potential customers. In fact, video that incites any strong emotional response whether positive or negative is twice as likely to be shared.

Ever been taken by surprise at a sudden bout of perpetual yawning, mirrored by the person sitting next to you? Contagious yawning is associated with the same parts of the brain that deal with empathy: recently dubbed as mirror neurons. In fact, the emotional brain processes sensory information 20% faster than the cognitive brain. And video works in the same way….

By marrying the visual with the auditory senses, marketers can create a combo of powerful emotional responses in their audience, which helps encourage brand loyalty.

In the same way, presenting client case studies in the form of a video can create relatable story lines for your audience by presenting a common problem and offering a solution in the shape of your product.

Quick connections and following the trends

Today’s consumers live fast-paced lives, always on the go –we’ve become so used to experiencing information in “micro-moments” that videos have become the obvious choice for obtaining information quickly. And people seeking quick information are usually already primed to make decisions. Whether it’s an IT manager or a CEO of a global corporation seeking your services, they’re busy people and won’t have time to scroll through a wall of text in search of answers. At the first stage of the decision making process, they’re more likely to:

  • Watch a simplified ‘Explainer’ video
  • Watch a demo video that shows products in action
  • Google quick “How-to” instructions to answer common questions
  • Search for reviews and testimonials to provide proof and reassurance.

Make the sale with video

The rise of video as a B2B marketing tool has no plans of slowing down, especially not while we’re all carrying smartphones in our pockets. Entire platforms like YouTube and Instagram have been dedicated to the trend – helping customers, fans and the general public follow your business journey. If you’re covering complex topics like process automation and SaaS platforms there are tonnes of ways you can keep it engaging with product demos and video testimonials. It’s also a chance to create a series of episodic videos to keep your message clear. With time you’ll be able to build an audience of subscribers who come to you for your simplified approach to selling IT solutions – something that may never have been possible without video.

If 80% of all online content is likely to be video by 2019, it’s definitely worth amping up your video content to not only be in line with consumer demand but the rapid cultural change new technology is bringing about.

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