How to write a press release (with free downloadable template)

  • Find out why you should use press releases
  • 8 key pointers you should consider when you write a press release
  • Free press release template included

So, you’ve been tasked to write a press release for your company. If it’s been a while, or if you’ve never had the pleasure of putting together this type of document before, then use our ready-to-download press release template, complete with easy-to-understand instructions for creating a perfectly formatted, industry-standard document that journalists will be falling over themselves to write up.

What is a press release used for?

A press release is an official statement issued to newspapers and industry publications giving information on your company’s latest news. Press releases follow a standard format and are used to get publicity from journalists or a media source. The objective is to help journalists separate the medium from other PR communication methods. It should also give the journalist all the information they need to write an article on the subject of the press release. What is a press release used for?

A few reminders at the outset:

  • Total length should be under two pages, preferably not much longer than 500 words
  • Include at least one quote from a member of staff, preferably your CEO or another prominent person in your organisation about the value of the news
  • Avoid using first or second person
  • Use a detached, journalistic tone
  • Bold, larger headline
  • Single space for the body copy
  • A space between paragraphs
  • Edited and proof read (read more about blog editing here)

Finally, bear in mind that journalists are busy people with strict deadlines. If your press release is confusingly written, they’re not going to spend long trying to work out what you mean. So, make sure it’s well written and easy to understand!

Need help writing your press release?

We can help! Our dedicated team of writers have years of experience writing for technology companies and are happy to help.

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