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Capture new leads, boost content, and generate a more powerful brand reach with paid media. From paid social to paid search, our Performance Marketing team know how to turn dollars into clicks and then onto leads.

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The Fifty Five

This is where we put the fifty five to work for you and your campaign. In addition to our expert team we have hundreds of campaigns worth of data to inform our decisions.

Our PPC management services are guided by our four step process, lead by a project manager and overseen by one of our Performance Marketing team.

1 Discovery

As a first step, tell us who you are. Your budget, timeframe, what you want to achieve. Not sure? We’ll help you figure it out. Our discovery process will shine a light on your best channels, strongest content, and find your target audience.

2 Strategy

Now we do our part. We bring together those insights and recommendations from step 1 and craft them into a strategy. We work with you on revisions. This part of the process is all about getting it right.

3 Production

Our content and design teams will take care of production. Our writers are expert technology storytellers, crafting everything from a stream of social posts to an in-depth whitepaper. And our design team take your brief and elevate it. Whether it’s a social post, e-book design, or banner ad, our designers are bursting with ideas.

4 Optimisation

With everything in place, it’s time to go live. But the work doesn’t stop here. While your campaigns are live we optimise them, tuning and refining until we finally get it right. We're experts in ad optimisation – search, display, and social - and this is what drives results.

The Five

With the fifty five complete we can execute the five. NTT is a long time client, and we are their global paid media agency of record. A lot of our work supports their sponsorship of sporting events, with the Tour de France being the flagship example.

We have worked on the Tour de France campaign for many years, and have improved performance and engagement each time.

Case Study


Company Overview NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company with over 6,000 clients around the world. They deliver services to over 200 countries and regions. To date, NTT Ltd. has received Partner of the Year awards from Cisco and Palo Alto Networks, as well as Microsoft’s Workplace Transformation Award, among other accolades. Challenge As...


76.92% increase in CTR
96% of overall traffic came to mobile
98% engagement on Twitter mobile app

We have a partner we can trust to get the job done. They know the world of paid media inside out and we’re really happy with the work they produce.

Georgia Hayward, Head of Campaign Services, NTT

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