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Value proposition and user experience work for the Softchoice website

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Company overview

Softchoice is one of the largest IT solution and managed service providers in North America. Thousands of organizations rely on the insight and expertise that Softchoice provides in ensuring their adoption of new technology is smooth and successful while also managing cost and risk.


Softchoice transformed their business function focus from reselling IT products, business solutions and hardware to providing managed services, with a renewed emphasis on empowering their clients. They needed to update their website to reflect this new proposition. We were tasked with bringing Softchoice’s brand to life on their website with updated imagery, design and iconography. Improving the user experience and making their site more accessible were also major priorities. Softchoice had plenty of web traffic, but believed users were struggling to find what they needed. They needed to ensure resources were easier to find and that the user journey was clearer.


Our design team worked with Softchoice to assess the current site structure and functionality and explore design options. The focus here was on the user interface and experience, with the key journeys from first page to CTA planned out for a range of user types we identified. Next, we created a series of concepts that were user tested with a sample of customers before being launched publicly on the site. We also provided style guides for ongoing implementation by the inhouse technical team following the launch, so they could pick up their newly evolved branding and use it in future without needing assistance.

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The outcome

Since deploying the newly designed pages, Softchoice have seen their site receive 21% more organic unique pageviews. What’s more, the average time on site has risen by over 2.5 minutes for the research page and educational assets. This means that more users are accessing valuable elements of their digital marketing strategy. The new website design reflects Softchoice’s user-centric positioning and provides a smooth user experience – meaning visitors to the site can easily find the resources they need.

Julija Noskova

Fifty Five and Five instantly knew what the issues on the site were and how to fix them. We’ve seen higher levels of traffic and engagement already on the site and the new pages look great too!

Julja Noskova
VP Marketing at Softchoice

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