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Company overview

Part of The Information Lab, The Data School trains people from a wide range of backgrounds to use best-in-class business intelligence tools, Tableau and Alteryx. As part of a six-month cohort, participants are also put on placements with some of The Information Lab’s best clients, such as UBS, PwC, LNER and Inmarsat.

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The Data School emerged from The Information Lab, an established Alteryx and Tableau partner. In its early life, The Data School needed to establish its brand as an elite training organisation on its own terms. Data School knew how important brand recognition would be to its success.

Starting from the ground up with a blank canvas and a lack of creative resources, The Data School brought in Fifty Five and Five to lead with the strategy, creation and execution of the monthly newsletter. How to target the right people? How to get the messaging right for this audience? How to nurture and build the brand? What content to include? What tone to adopt? How should it look?



Fifty Five and Five started by getting to know The Data School inside out. As the organisation was in its infancy, it was essential to know what their ambitions were – both in the short and long term. We outlined a strategy to begin building the brand, which included Fifty Five and Five managing their Twitter page for the first month free of charge. We then designed The Data School’s first newsletter and wrote the copy, which involved illustrating the amazing opportunities for students at The Data School.

At the time, The Data School had established its first few cohorts of students. We used content from The Data School students themselves, highlighting the great work that was being accomplished by students and instructors. We also interviewed participants to create the “A Day in the Life” blog series, which spawned valuable assets on an ongoing basis, both for the newsletter but also for The Data School’s wider content strategy.

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The outcome

Fifty Five and Five’s relationship with the Data School’s began before its inception, as we had worked with parent company The Information Lab since 2015. It was a great privilege to be asked to play such a vital role in nurturing The Data School brand, from its infancy.

Fifty Five and Five managed their monthly newsletter from 2017-2021. In that time, The Data School brought through 23 cohorts and has achieved great success. The organisation now attracts the best talent in the world of data visualisation and analytics due to the renown of its brand and the opportunities the scheme offers students. We grew their newsletter subscribers from 0 to 11,500+ and have built a lasting relationship that continues to this day.

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Andy Kriebel

“Our ambition was to launch and build a respected brand to attract the best talent for our student cohorts. The newsletters from Fifty Five and Five were an invaluable way for us to develop The Data School’s brand.

Andy Kriebel,
Head of Data School, The Data School