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You'll find plenty of b2b digital marketing agencies out there who provide similar services. However, not all agencies were founded on the cusp of the mainstream cloud migration boom. We’ve cut our teeth working closely with technology companies in ecosystems (like Microsoft , Google and Dell) where the cloud revolution is central to their USP.


So, maybe we are different after all.

Our Behaviours

We have behaviours that allow us to work in the most streamlined and valuable way, while providing the best solution for our clients.


Fifty Five & Five is ambitious, and so are our people. Most of all, we are ambitious for our clients and the business goals they set themselves. That means each and everyone of us takes pride in our work, and strives for excellence.


Intelligence is about knowing what you know, and the questions you need to ask. It's about knowing what you are capable of, and where you need help. It's the fifty five before the five.


We share our successes and our challenges. We are not afraid to tell the whole story. That means everything from sharing our numbers in a company meeting, to being frank about performance.

Adding value

We identify value by asking two questions. Does a given action or piece of work exceed expectations? Are we delivering something our client cannot get elsewhere?


People at Fifty Five and Five take responsibility for their own work and their own career. They stand up to be counted when they need to, and own both their successes and mistakes.

What we're saying on teams

Sarah Schrum
15 👍️
16 ❤️
23/02 11:48

Thank you again to Michael, Emily F, Barnaby and Rachelle for all the hard work on the interactive eBook project! Here is the client's feedback:

"One Partner I saw today said it was streets ahead of anything they've had from other vendors ".

This is fantastic feedback and shows how ambition really does pay off.

Chris Wright
10 👍️
12 ❤️
19/07 13:22
Thanks William for a good first piece of work for our newest client. The client just got in touch to say how much they like it.
Roxy Ghirbomean
15 👍️
15 ❤️
22/06 17:53
Just wanted to give a shout out to Deimante for the way she's handling the latest client work - showing a good understanding of the client's offering, providing great recommendations and having fantastic chemistry with our client. Fantastic stuff to see, well done! Maria would be proud, I know I am.
Martina Greco
16 👍️
18 ❤️
21/02 17:19
#ThankYou Charlotte, as for the 1,000th time you've shared all your organic social knowledge about a certain client with the team! The more I see you work, and worked with them, and all the progress that has been done on that account, the prouder I am - you're incredible!
David Tippleston
10 👍️
15 ❤️
29/10 08:47
Thanks Barnaby & Stephen for your help with the creative ideas. Great feedback from the client.
Barnaby Ellis
12 👍️
18 ❤️
08/04 15:11
More thanks... this time to Ben, James, Rachelle, Charlie and Seb for their work on the latest campaign. The collaboration between teams from Ben and James (in particular) to run with this was brilliant.
#responsibility #intelligence
Emily Fitzgeral
Emily Fitzgerald
18 👍️
11 ❤️
8/12 14:27
I want to do a shout out for the webinar/podcast. It was great to get a front row seat and watch Barnaby, Stephen and Martina do their thing. I was so impressed and engaged! Also thank you to Emily T and Sarah for doing most of the legwork, and to Will, Michael, Seb, Pranita and Charlie for their work on it.
Emily Tuite
13 👍️
12 ❤️
16/03 10:50
Quick shout out to Ben - had some feedback from our client this morning on a recent blog. It was really good.  😀 nice work Ben! ⭐ #intelligence #value
Emily T head shot
Roxy Ghirbomean
14 👍️
12 ❤️
16/11 17:11
Thank you to William who recently wrote a blog for one of our clients and the rest of the content team for editing/proofing etc!⭐👏 On delivering the final version back to them today to meet their deadline, the client said the below:
"Thank you very much, Emily. Looks great! It was a pleasure to work with you. I'll get it to the web and newsletter teams. Please thank the entire team for me." 
We have recently started working with a new department and we're making a great impression. They're always very complimentary about the work we do for them. They're changing how they want to spend their monthly budget and will likely have some exciting work coming our way!
#intelligence #value #collaborative #smashingit
Martina Greco
15 👍️
13 ❤️
09/12 16:35
FYI, one of our clients just replied, appreciating one of the comments that we left to promote the webinar on an influencer's page. She loved it!

#Thankyou Pranita for finding some very interesting topics/threads to interact with and #thankyou Deimante as this reply came from you! So, very well done and thank you for making me look much more interesting and good! 🙂

Chris Wright
12 👍️
17 ❤️
26/01 21:58

Just want to say thanks to Barnaby and Emily for their work on the workshop today. BE led, and his prep was clearly demonstrated in how he ran things. EF supported really well.

They are an important new client and we got off to a great start.

Stephen Reilly
Stephen Reilly
16 👍️
16 ❤️
01/12 11:48
Thank you to everyone who answered the food bank call and donated to a worthy cause. They were really delighted with our contribution and wanted to say thanks a mill.
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