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Design services

If your B2B tech organisation is in need of unique brand designcreative advertising, or professional graphic design – we can help.

Our design team has the creative juices and acumen to make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on your current and future customers.

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The Fifty Five

Your B2B marketing agency for tackling every design challengeWe're ready breathe new life into your brand.

Our design, branding, UX, and visual identity work is guided by a slick step-by-step process. This helps us find the best way to visually present who you are.

Design process

1 Design brief

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We understand your requirements and goals through discussion and research. After gathering information about target audience, objectives, and desired outcomes, we create a clear and detailed design brief. 

2 Creative direction

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Once we generate ideas and sketches based on the brief, our team explores various creative directions and develops initial concepts. This involves brainstorming, mood boards, and rough drafts to visualise potential design solutions.

3 Creative concept

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Our team refines selected concepts into detailed designs, creating digital drafts that focus on layout, colour, typography, and imagery. We take onboard constructive feedback and make necessary adjustments to align with your expectations and project goals.

4 Design implementation

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We complete the final design, ensuring all elements are polished and cohesive. Then, we prepare to deliver the files in the required formats. One final review of the design ensures quality and accuracy before presenting the final work to you.

The Five

Brand marketing strategy in action

Iperium wanted to completely rebrand as a (almost) different company. Same industry but with an evolution of how they think, act and succeed as a business. ​​

We were delighted to help and immediately began working through our design process. After many a conversations and a lot of collaboration, we were able to develop and build from the ground up.

Case Study

Iperium is a traditional tech recruitment agency. After finding success with US-based venture capital backed companies, they wanted to relaunch their business to focus solely on this world of modern global tech ‘scale-ups’. We worked alongside them to transform Iperium into a new brand, with a radical marketing strategy.


9 months to develop the brand and build out
689 hours spent to date
1 very happy client

The Fifty Five and Five team have worked closely with us to develop an entirely new brand, visual identity, and website. From conception, design, and implementation across a number of channels, they have executed on a shared vision. We are thrilled with the results, and excited for the future of relationship.

Tim Hosking,

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