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You want to be seen, known, loved. We establish what makes you stand out across all your products and services, using the strongest proof points you have. And we make you look good while doing it.

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The Fifty Five

The heavy lifting for your brand, visual identity and content execution is done through conversation. We’ll talk to you. A lot. And ask questions. Our goal is to find the best way to visually present who you are.

Our design, branding, UX, visual identity work is guided by a step-by-step process, involving our Art Director, team of designers, sometimes our Head of Strategy, an expert writer or two and overseen by our Performance Marketing team.

1 Uncovering your brand

As a first step, we want to know what your current brand represents and where you want to be when the dust has settled, and our process has done its job. What makes you unique and does your current visual identity match your ambitions? Finding the answers to these questions is the first step.

2 Understanding you in context

While the first part is figuring out who you are and want to be, we also take a close look at your competitors to understand what you’re up against and how you can proudly stand out.

3 A route to success

Knowing you and knowing your world will help us put together the right components, including potential visual areas to exploit. From creating an inspiration framework to plotting visual styles on an axis and finding the elements that will fit with your needs, we’ll begin to put several routes in place to see what works best.

4 The fun stuff

Once we have the foundations in place, our designers (and writers) will get to work turning concepts into living, breathing designs all geared towards presenting your content at its best so you can go ahead and close more sales.

The Five

Iperium came to us with a tasty project. They wanted to completely rebrand as a (almost) different company. Same industry but with an evolution of how they think, act and succeed as a business.

We were delighted to help, getting to work with a blank canvas. And through a lot of hard work and collaboration with the client we created, developed and built from the ground up.

Case Study

Company Information Iperium is a traditional tech recruitment agency. After finding success with US-based venture capital backed companies, they wanted to relaunch their business to focus solely on this world of modern global tech ‘scale-ups’. Challenge Iperium approached us with an ambitious project, to rebrand their entire company. Their business needed a radical rethink to...


9 months to develop the brand and build out
689 hours spent to date
1 very happy client

The Fifty Five and Five team have worked closely with us to develop an entirely new brand, visual identity, and website. From conception, design, and implementation across a number of channels, they have executed on a shared vision. We are thrilled with the results, and excited for the future of relationship.

Tim Hosking,

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