Transforming Iperium with a new brand, and a radical marketing strategy.


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9 months



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Iperium is a traditional tech recruitment agency. After finding success with US-based venture capital backed companies, they wanted to relaunch their business to focus solely on this world of modern global tech ‘scale-ups’.


Iperium approached us with an ambitious project, to rebrand their entire company. Their business needed a radical rethink to position them as leaders in the exciting new world of recruitment tech. They turned to us as the experts they trusted.

Turning Iperium into was an 8-month project, that required the talents of many of the teams here at Fifty Five and Five. But it all started with our Art Director and our Creative team. 

Very quickly they started looking at what the new brand needed to achieve. Working with our Strategist they studied competitors, they spoke to customers, and they explored a variety of directions. 

Multiple concepts were developed, each one having to communicate not only the new brand and what it stood for, but also the tech AI-powered products that would be at the forefront of the company's evolution. 

Exploring different designs for logo
Many designs of visual identit
Creative explorations of the visual identity


We totally transformed Iperium with a new brand and a radical marketing strategy. We are positioning them as the global scale-up partner for ambitious tech companies. This meant a new brand, a new value proposition, a new website, and an entirely new way of talking to customers about their company.

This is new the logo. It is one of the most important parts of the brand. It helps identify who are and provide crucial brand recognition. The purple sphere represents both disruption (to the recruitment market place) and the global nature of (and their marketplace).'s new logo

As rebels, embrace the things that people don’t. When one thinks of glitching or static, it’s often seen as something that’s gone wrong. That’s not what and their audience see. They see an opportunity to take something and turn it into a tangible asset to make them stand out.

Art Designer working on the computer uses punchy, glitch-like textures as backdrops to their work, to make messaging stand out and create unique images or slides. These can also be used in imagery treatment and are encouraged in combination of textures and shape.

Testing different icons


We developed and built a distinctive and disruptive brand to help stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

The next part of our radical plan for the company relaunch is to develop a number of innovative digital tools to empower the sales teams. Along with a disruptive brand and a new website, we are giving them a platform to compete at a global scale in the new world of AI-powered, tech-focused talent acquisition. 

The team at Fifty Five and Five have been doing some really amazing work on this. It’s a significant move for us and we can’t wait to see how this impacts the talent world.

David Ward, Co-Founder,

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