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Value Proposition and Messaging

A good B2B value proposition is crucial to effectively communicate your business’s unique offerings, benefits, and competitive advantages. Despite this, we meet many clients that have outgrown their value proposition or lack a clear strategy to support content creation. We can build a solid foundation for your content, so you can connect with your audience and provide content that is compelling and far-reaching.

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The Fifty Five

A value proposition highlights what sets you apart in the market. Many agencies struggle with it, but we're the experts at getting to the heart of the matter. For tech businesses, our value proposition service for B2B businesses boosts confidence and acts as a catalyst for real change.

A B2B value proposition isn’t just for new, emerging businesses. It’s also for those which have lost momentum or sight of where they’re going. And that's where we come in.

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1 Handshakes to heart-to-hearts

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It all starts with our Discovery Workshop, where we get acquainted and shake hands. As our workshops build, we engage in some deep and meaningful conversations. By the end of the workshop process, we should be able to tell whether you need a value proposition service for B2B (sometimes it’s not necessary), and if so – why.

2 Your unique blueprint

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Our team starts generating your value proposition and messaging based on insights from the workshops; pinpointing your differentiators, audience, and market positioning. After finalising the value prop together, we create a bespoke messaging document, setting the foundation for future content marketing.

3 Your roadmap to success

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We create a shiny, branded document – from our people to yours. This document is a living-breathing guide that is a culmination of our hard work, and yours. It clarifies:
  • Who you (the business) are
  • What you (the business) value
  • Who you're talking to (personas)
  • How to talk to them (messaging)

The Five

Crafting a compelling value proposition is an art and creating the right message can redefine a brand's journey. With our expertise, we reshaped Worksighted's narrative, amplifying their voice across the US. Experience the transformation and see the power of precise messaging with us.

Case Study


We helped leading MSP Worksighted elevate their image as a trusted IT partner for digital transformations through brand repositioning.


New branding

Worksighted can now make build emotional connections with new clients as they expand across the US.

New website

Our digital transformation value proposition became the basis for a complete overhaul of Worksighted’s website.

New values

Worksighted’s foundational building blocks are clear and can be communicated effortlessly.

The team at Fifty Five and Five played a crucial role in the success of our brand's repositioning. Their dedication and expertise in creating a compelling strategy to support our goals helped us to identify a company voice that truly connects with our target audiences. They took the time to genuinely understand our brand's values, mission, and personality, which made all the difference.

Amelia Suarez, Marketing Manager, Worksighted

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