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You need a B2B SEO agency to optimise your website and content so the right people can find and engage with your business. We’ll create a specific strategy for you based on your unique value and what your audience is looking for.

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The Fifty Five

Our highly experienced SEO team know what it takes to improve your site’s search engine ranking. We take your measurements, look at who you’re up against and devise a strategy that will get your siren song to your target audience’s ears.

We have a full SEO process broken out into steps below. You’ll work with our Performance Marketing team who are focused on your success.

1 Competitor research

We like to start with an understanding of where you currently sit among your competitors. Knowing what topics and keywords your competition is working with can help us set you apart.

2 Topic creation and keyword research

Choosing the topics most relevant to your audience is a critical step in developing the most engaging subject matter for those you want to attract. From here we create a list of short and long-tail keywords to support these topics.

3 B2B SEO strategy checklist

From writing compelling meta descriptions and link-building, to creating a consistent content schedule, our SEO experts develop a strategy that hits all points on the SEO checklist.

4 Ongoing SEO support

We can create relevant and engaging optimised content that captures your audience’s attention. Or we can provide thorough website maintenance, monitoring traffic conversion, website speed and other technical aspects of SEO to help make the most of the content you already have.

The Five

We’re an SEO marketing agency who work with high profile clients all over the world. When our SEO client, MessageOps, was bought by Sirius, we had an important job to balance a new website authority (Sirius) while balancing the MessageOps brand.

Case Study


Nintex is a leader in the field of process management and workflow automation, with more than 8,000 enterprise customers in over 90 countries around the world. We work closely with them on a number of SEO and content initiatives.


50% increase in blog traffic in one year
100+ pieces of content delivered each year
8 years since we started working together

Fifty Five and Five is an SEO exceptional agency. They are integral to our marketing and communications efforts, and consistently deliver quality services.”

Kristin Treat, VP Corporate Marketing , Nintex

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