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In a world of sprawling social media conversations, paid media, email marketing, organic search, etc., the right B2B content marketing strategy is still the most effective way to build a readership, a following and an engaged audience.

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The Fifty Five

Our content pros are expert writers and designers who have cut their teeth in the world of B2B technology. And we’re here, practicing our content marketing craft with clients just like you. Here’s what our process looks like:

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1 We listen to you and your stories

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You’re an entire organisation of experts with mountains of experience in your field. We mine for your best anecdotes and turn your industry opinions into SEO and content marketing gold.

2 We find the themes and common threads

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Chances are there’s a pattern to the stories of your successes and failures. We create and generate a quality B2B content marketing strategy that brings together your voice and thought leadership and grows your audience.

3 We attract with depth and substance

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Our content B2B tech experts are your resource for engaging pieces with real substance. Our approach to your content is to grow and adapt it as your business grows and your needs change. The quality of your content should only get better.

The Five

Once the groundwork is laid, we’re ready to produce and deliver content as consistently as you want. It could be an ongoing content campaign or as part of a larger project. We have developed a long and fruitful relationship with Microsoft that sees us deliver awesome content, month in, month out.

Case Study

Microsoft Partners

Everyone knows who Microsoft is. But perhaps lesser known is its vast community of partners who provide IT products, services, and innovation using Microsoft technology to businesses around the world. In this case study, we discuss how we helped the global Microsoft Partner team deliver successful GTM strategies.


100+ partners we have worked with
95% average CSAT score
8+ years we have been working together

Our blog is probably the most important source of traffic we have on our site. Fifty Five and Five understands this and helps us increase the value of our content marketing to attract, engage and retain customers.

Jean-Luc Brisebois, CMO, Sharegate

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