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A great B2B social media strategy is one of the best ways to grow your audience and amplify your brand.

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The Fifty Five

Social media is a more vital weapon in your business’s marketing arsenal than ever. Here, our specialised Performance Marketing team make sure you capitalise.

See how we put together the perfect social media marketing strategy that aligns with your brand and helps nurture leads.

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1 Align your goals

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Understanding what you want to achieve is the first step to success. Whether you know what that is or not, we can begin to shape your strategy.

2 Understand your audience

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Knowing who your audience are and listening to what they want is key to engagement. We help you create or focus on personas that best represent who you want to attract.

3 Schedule for maximum impact

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There’s a time a place for everything. And that includes when (and where) you post on your social media channels. Our experts have the data analytics to optimise your efforts.

The Five

A B2B strategy on social media sounds easy. But putting it together so it works a charm takes work. See the work we did for Tata Consultancy Services and get a sense of what a journey with us might look like.

Case Study


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT services, consulting and business solutions. They help businesses around the world to achieve meaningful change. Read this case study to see how we brought the TCS 'Building on belief' message to life in the context of five endurance running events.


511,586 Facebook impressions for Amsterdam
166,865 Facebook video views
1,870 clicks on Facebook content

We’re beyond happy with the races social media campaigns. I can see very good engagement with the perfect audience, and the numbers are looking good.

Suhail Adam, Head of Social Media, TCS UK & Europe

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