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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT services, consulting and business solutions. TCS helps businesses around the world to achieve meaningful change.


The challenge was to bring the TCS 'Building on Belief' brand message to life in the context of five endurance running events across two continents.

2021 saw the reinstatement of these mass participation events across the regions after a year of cancellations and virtual runs in 2020.

Happening over a six week period from late September (Lidingoloppet - the world's longest cross country race) through to early November (New York Marathon), we had to be aware of social distancing guidelines for both runners and supporters. Therefore, the role of technology in bringing these high-profile sporting events to life was even greater than usual.

TCS social media campaigns at different stages of the marathon.
The three phase content strategy


The solution was to put the 'Building on Belief' message front and centre of communications, localising messages as necessary.

More than ever, we needed to develop engaging and creative ideas. They would emphasise the belief and determination of runners and supporters to make a difference by raising money for all the associated local, national and international charities.

These included thought-provoking testimonials, compelling video content, behind-the-scenes interviews and real-time updates on race days, all communicated consistently across four platforms, providing unbeatable access to viewers and runners alike.

We developed a strategy to gain attention through paid media and organic traffic, making the most of key assets and attracting our target mobile audiences. We devised video scripts for all five events, covering the opening and closing ceremonies, and customer and employee stories. We further developed and produced the promotional app videos for all five events, each adapted to the specific requirements of the individual event.

Opening script excerpts
Opening script excerpts


The campaign performance across the four channels was way above expectations, despite shorter than anticipated pre-event activity. We were able to bring the events to a mass social audience with all the excitement and energy of actually being there. The entire Fifty Five and Five team - content, creative, execution - really overdelivered.

TCS’s Building on Belief messaging highlights the many ways that technology can deliver meaningful change for everyone. TCS, as a business, together with its clients, aim to deliver innovative futures that are more inclusive, sustainable, and inspire the next generation.

Our job at Fifty Five and Five was to deliver this uplifting and inspiring message to the target audience - in this case, the people participating in the marathon events, those supporting friends and family, and the wider public.

These are massive, cultural events that reach audiences not only in each host nation but across the world.

Delivering on-brand copy to enhance and complement this campaign, often in real-time, was an exciting challenge that expanded our relationship with one of our most inspiring and truly global clients. What’s more, the results of our campaign speak for themselves.

TCS mobile ads for the marathon.
tracking runners through tcs app


Facebook impressions made over the time of the Amsterdam Marathon.


Facebook video views made over the time of the Amsterdam Marathon.


Clicks on social content through Facebook.

We're beyond happy with the races social media campaigns. I can see very good engagement with the perfect audience, and the numbers are looking good.

Head of Social Media UK/Europe, TCS

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