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Company overview

NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company with over 6,000 clients around the world. They deliver services in more than 200 countries and regions. To date, NTT Ltd. has received Partner of the Year awards from Cisco and Palo Alto Networks, as well as Microsoft’s Workplace Transformation Award, among other accolades.

The challenge:

Demonstrating NTT Ltd.’s ability to provide entire industries with business continuity, digital transformation and customer experience outcomes during the pandemic

In 2020, the entire world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It forced organisations of all kinds to rethink everything from long term strategies to day-to-day operations. It also meant that sporting events across the world were either cancelled or rearranged to comply with COVID-safe necessities. Such was the case for the world’s most famous cycling race, the Tour de France.

With the race postponed until the end of August, and fans curtailed from attending in person, official technology provider to the race, NTT Ltd., were challenged with helping Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) create a fan-focused event that prioritised a remote experience. And consequently, it forced Fifty Five and Five to rethink our paid media strategy for the race’s official technology partner.

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Our solution: Campaign success remotely

With the circumstances of 2020’s race as they were, our campaign strategy centred on demonstrating how NTT were able to support A.S.O. when it comes to delivering a race like the Tour de France in 2020, and how they similarly can help other clients with business continuity.

Year-on-year the main objective for NTT has been to use the Tour as one of the company’s primary case studies to showcase their technology capability and the outcomes they’ve driven for A.S.O., as the official technology partner. For NTT, driving the fan experience was (and is) the business outcome they’re delivering for A.S.O., and is a terrific proof point when it comes to a client experience outcome. One which they can also help clients with across other industries.

More than ever, at Fifty Five and Five, we required engaging creative assets that emphasised the power of technology in a remote working world. These included in-depth articles, absorbing video content and webinars, and behind-the-scenes interviews – all contained within interactive eBooks and on landing pages that our audience could access and consume easily from a range of devices.

We developed a strategy to gain attention through supported content ads, organic traffic and remarketing. This year we decided to use several new formats, including LinkedIn Carousel and Google Discovery. This meant we could make the most from our key assets and attract our data-led target audience, while creating a strategy with a mobile audience at its core.

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NTT Tour de France 2020 Twitter ads
NTT Tour de France Linkedin ads

The outcome: continuity is key

In 2020, continuity is everything. NTT Ltd. not only helped keep the Tour de France going, but improved the fan experience for this year’s race. The only downside was the windy circumstances in which the race took place.

Our most effective asset, in terms of performance, was the Fan Experience eBook which generated a very promising CTR on Google Search. Its 5.18% CTR was well over the channel benchmark and has achieved an average CPC that was lower than the benchmark. This showed that our audience were keen to explore the technology used to generate a remote race experience.

The webinar, ‘Keeping the dream alive’, performed well across Twitter with a CTR higher than the benchmark and performed well as a Google Discovery asset. Along with the potential for future Google Discovery campaigns, we were impressed by the impressions made by LinkedIn Carousel—which featured the creative that drove the highest number of impressions across the campaign. The campaign’s most effective asset on LinkedIn was the ‘Behind the Scenes’ webinar which generated double the expected CTR. This, again, showed the level of interest for the audience in engaging with the race from a distance.


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Increase in CTR

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Of overall traffic came through mobile

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Twitter’s mobile engagement was above the industry benchmark

Georgia Hayward

“In the years they’ve worked on our Tour de France campaigns, Fifty Five and Five has really made a difference. Their paid media expertise gets the results we’re looking for – and more. We’re glad to have them along for the ride.”

Georgia Hayward,
Senior Director: Demand Center

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