Fifty Five and Five

Meet the team

Fifty Five and Five has a growing team of digital marketing experts, writers, and designers. We hire smart people who regularly exceed our clients’ expectations. You can meet some of the team below:

Chris Wright


Chris founded Fifty Five and Five back in 2014, after a long career working for a number of global Microsoft Partners.

Aidan Danaher

Account Director

Aidan was the very first employee at Fifty Five and Five, and now spends his days managing a wide range of our client accounts.

Sam Gowing


Sam is one of our writers. What he doesn’t know about SharePoint and Office 365 isn’t worth writing about.


Stephen Reilly

Head of Content

Stephen leads our growing writing team, joining us after a long stint working in the United States.

Manvir Mangat

Graphic Designer

The person behind making our content look so good, Manvir leads our in-house design team.

Enrika Ramonaite

Marketing Executive

A key member of our marketing team, Enrika manages client social accounts and the delivery of our content.


Paulina Olin

Web Designer

Paulina is one of our web designers, helping build and improve our clients’ websites (and our own!).

Seb Gach


Seb is a writer at Fifty Five and Five, one of a growing team that put the story at the forefront of everything we do.

Caitlin Shorricks

Office Manager

From organising the team to managing the office, Caitlin keeps the wheels turning.


Laura Lopez

Marketing Executive

Laura works on social, paid media and email campaigns for our clients, growing their online communities.

Miles Booth

Account Executive

Miles works closely with our clients to deliver campaigns that consistently reach our high standards.

Zen Bahar


Zen is a writer, who has a knack for simplifying tech jargon for the everyday reader.


Elise Cannon

Data Analyst


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Paulina Olin

Paulina Olin

Paulina is one of our web designers, helping build and improve our clients’ websites (and our own!).