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18 months



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Microsoft Corp, based in Seattle, is the parent company of all Microsoft subsidiaries around the world. They direct global operations.


Fifty Five and Five has an ongoing partnership with many parts of Microsoft - we have been working with them since day 1 of the company. Our relationships with the central Partner Marketing teams are very strong. On one of our many visits to Seattle, we got chatting to some of the teams about the day-to-day challenges they face.

One of the most fundamental issues they have is putting ROI on the marketing funds they give to partners around the world. 

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The Partner Benchmarking Tool


We developed a bespoke web platform that allowed Microsoft to scan, analyse and score Partner marketing efforts at scale. Our product, 'The Partner Benchmarking Tool', was able to analyse data from thousands of companies and tens of thousands of channels.

It did this by running over 40 tests across all types of content. Not only can it check spelling and grammar, but it can also check the complexity of language and tone. It can report SEO signals and find technical errors and bugs in page code.

Ultimately it was able to answer the question... 'Did giving marketing funds to this company result in better outcomes for us?'

The partner benchmarking tool webpages
the partner benchmarking tool webpages


For the first time ever Microsoft was able to look objectively at their use of MDF funds and understand the return on investment.

For a long time they could understand how their support helps the financial performance of partners. Now they can be as analytic and data driven when it comes to marketing assistance. 


The tool can run many tests across all kinds of content from multiple channels.


We have helped many thousands of partners across the global. From huge multi national giants, to startups and everything in between.


We have analyzed the impact of over $10,000,000 of marketing development funds across the globe. 

Fifty Five and Five have developed a marketing platform that totally changes the game when it comes to understanding our financial investment in partners. 

Jennifer Tomlinson, Global Channel Marketing Leader

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