Brand repositioning Worksighted as a trusted business transformation partner



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6 weeks



Company overview

Worksighted provides responsive, innovative and strategic IT services to businesses seeking a valuable IT partner. Since 2000, they have supported organisations throughout Michigan with the technology they need to grow.


Since 2000, Worksighted, an IT managed services organisation based in Michigan, had generated loyal customers and built a brand through its dedicated team of technology experts. Their goal was to grow beyond Michigan and build a nation-wide brand that resonated with their audience.

As a first step, Worksighted decided to review their core values, goals, vision, tone of voice...everything that makes them who they are. They knew that to stand out in the crowded IT marketplace, they had to go from sounding like typical IT helpdesk staff to forward-thinking business technology partners. All with their authenticity intact.

They turned to Fifty Five and Five to help guide them on their brand repositioning journey.

Grid collage showcasing new brand assets from Fifty Five and Five.
worksighted's new strapline and messaging


We had worked with Worksighted for several years as their primary content providers and marketing partners. We worked closely with Worksighted’s senior team to understand their vision and realise their ambitions. A foundational piece in this journey was a new digital transformation value proposition that articulated Worksighted’s unique value for their target audience.

This value prop was split into the following sections:

  • Landscape and audience perception: Analysing why Worksighted are redefining their brand position and how they are currently viewed by their audience.
  • Business goals: Highlighting what Worksighted want to achieve as a business.
  • Company vision: Explaining what Worksighted stand for as an organisation.
  • Company values: Showcasing the fundamental beliefs that power Worksighted’s success.
  • Tone of voice: Providing tools for consistent, engaging marketing with an authentic voice that embodies Worksighted's ethos.
  • Strapline and rationale: Expressing Worksighted’s brand positioning via engaging messaging.
People smiling and working, showing that people are the heart of Worksighted.
People at the heart of technology


From the beginning, we recognised that Worksighted is more than its services. It’s about the deep connections they make with their clients to build understanding and trust. This formed the backbone of our brand repositioning strategy.

People at the heart of technology: People often think of technology as cold and detached. Worksighted’s new strapline reflects their warmer, human approach to technology solutions.

Empathy, expertise and vision: With the right people, process, and technology, Worksighted empower businesses to achieve long-term growth. Their new values encompass their meaningful strategy.

New values

Worksighted’s foundational building blocks are clear and can be communicated effortlessly.

New branding

Worksighted can now make build emotional connections with new clients as they expand across the US.

New website

Our digital transformation value proposition became the basis for a complete overhaul of Worksighted’s website.

The team at Fifty Five and Five played a crucial role in the success of our brand's repositioning. Their dedication and expertise in creating a compelling strategy to support our goals helped us to identify a company voice that truly connects with our target audiences. They took the time to genuinely understand our brand's values, mission, and personality, which made all the difference.

Amelia Suarez, Marketing Manager

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