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Company overview

Worksighted are a specialist Microsoft Partner, delivering high-quality managed IT services to businesses in and around the Michigan area. Just like a lot of businesses, they’re passionate about Microsoft technology, including Teams and the Power Platform. They’re excited about using this great technology to tell stories about how businesses can achieve more with the technology they have.

The challenge: making Teams accessible

Worksighted are a North American IT managed services company, who take a refreshing approach to IT services and Microsoft technology. Their brand focuses on meeting people where they are, focusing on customers’ problems and the solutions Worksighted can deliver – all in a friendly, simple and approachable manner.

A lot of B2B marketing is overly technical and filled with jargon. It often forgets that B2B customers are real people too. But with Worksighted, that isn’t the case. So, when they were searching for a marketing partner to help with their content marketing strategy, they anted an agency that knows the B2B technology sector and could help turn niche and technical subject matter into a digestible message for a business audience. Fifty Five and Five was the perfect choice.

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Our solution: Content marketing excellence

Fifty Five and Five and Worksighted have collaborated over several years, across multiple content types and strategies. Whether it’s writing blogs, whitepapers or website pages, we’ve been right at the centre, helping to build on their brand and creating the content assets that supports their message.

For Worksighted, the focus has always been on understanding what technology can do for real people. They love Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform because these apps let everyday workers create workflows, apps and business tools without specialist knowledge. So, the goal for our content was to discuss the great benefits of these apps in a way that also showcases Worksighted’s experience and expertise – and communicate it in language that businesses appreciate.

Over the years, we have built up a strong long-term relationship with the Worksighted sales and marketing team helping us to understand their brand and ensure an optimal way of working together dedicated experts team of account managers, content creators and marketing strategists work closely with Worksighted to produce great results.

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The outcome: An organic presence that delivers

Over the past few years, Fifty Five and Five have collaborated with Worksighted to create a vast range of different content types. Originally, we first started with an ongoing blog strategy, creating a fixed number of high-quality blog posts to be submitted to their website each month. Our Microsoft expertise means we’re perfectly placed to take their brand voice and apply it to these pieces of content.

We’ve also layed a role in building the Worksighted website, translating this understanding of their brand into eye-catching and effective website service pages. Over the years, we’ve also helped create long-form content pieces, in the form of eBooks and whitepapers that help explain the often- complicated world of technology to their audience in a way that is engaging and value-focused.

Today, Worksighted are delighted with the work we’ve done and continue to do for them. This is the kind of value-based partnership that we bring to every client we work with and every piece of content we write.

Ryan Wenk

“Fifty Five and Five understand our brand, the value we bring to our customers and the goals we are looking to achieve. We’ve worked with them over a number of years and are delighted with the high-quality content they deliver every time.

Ryan Wenk,
Director Of Marketing & Business Development, Worksighted

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