About us

The Fifty Five and Five story so far
Fifty Five and Five was founded in 2014 as a different kind of digital marketing agency. Other agencies take good marketing and then try to understand how it applies to their client’s businesses. We combine great marketing with an innate understanding of the Microsoft Partner Marketing.

Chris Wright, Founder

Fifty Five and Five was founded by Chris Wright. Chris has spent the last 10 years working in the Microsoft world, for a range of partner companies, delivering solutions harnessing the broad Microsoft enterprise technology stack. He understands Microsoft partners, what they do, and the clients they serve.

A central London location

Fifty Five and Five is based in the heart of London. This not only makes us ideally located for our UK and European based clients – like Content and Code, CPS, and Rencore – but puts us in an ideal timezone to work with the rest of the world. For clients in the US – like Microsoft, Metalogix and Nintex, or those in Canada like Sharegate – we are just a Skype for Business call away. Even harmon.ie in Israel feel just like neighbours.

A growing team

Fifty Five and Five has a growing team of digital marketing experts, writers, and designers. We hire smart people who regularly exceed our client’s expectations.