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The 10 best company websites of Microsoft Partners

  • We ranked the top 10 company websites of Microsoft Partners
  • Inspiration for Microsoft Partners looking to rebuild their website
  • Learn what made the best websites do so well
Your website is your most powerful marketing tool. It’s the place you can get your brand across, tell your customers how you can solve their problems and, ultimately, create leads for your business.

Being technology companies, it’s no surprise that many Microsoft Partners have excellent websites. If you are looking for inspiration to improve or upgrade yours, there are few better places to look than our list of the ten Microsoft Partners whose websites both look great and host some top-quality content too.

How we ranked the websites of Microsoft Partners

Every year we carry out a review of the digital marketing efforts of the Microsoft Partner network. We review the blogs, social media activity and websites of almost 30,000 Microsoft Partners worldwide who work in the enterprise IT space (download the full Top 50 Microsoft Partners report here). To compile our list of the best websites, we use an independent tool called Sitebeam which uses multiple metrics, such as accessibility, content, speed and technology to assess the quality of an individual website (for blogs and social media, we use Maya and Kred respectively).

Below are the top 10 best company websites of Microsoft Partners according to our report (n.b. in the final Top 50 report, we aggregate blog, social media and website scores, so the top 10 in the report is very different to the list below).

10 best company websites of Microsoft Partners

websites of Microsoft Partners

10. Hitachi Solutions

Score: 77.2%

Hitachi Solutions are a leading global provider of business applications based on the Microsoft Cloud, and a 30-time winner of various Microsoft Partner of the Year awards.

Hitachi Solutions’ website made the list because:

Hitachi Solutions have done an amazing job with their website. The site looks elegant, has a slick feel to it and is easy to navigate. They provide multiple ways for drilling down to find the content their visitors need, use videos, a lot of whitespace, great imagery and clear calls to action.

What can you learn from Hitachi Solutions’ website?

If your company sells multiple products or services, taking inspiration from Hitachi Solutions would be a good start. They manage to neatly boil down product and service descriptions into sharp, concise copy, and their use of images and design is also appealing and simple. They have opted for longer pages where possible, meaning that the website navigation avoids breaking down into hundreds of hard-to-find subpages.

websites of Microsoft Partners

9. Mindtree

Score: 77.3%

With headquarters in Bangalore and New Jersey, Mindtree are a global digital transformation and technology services company.

Mindtree’s website made the list because:

Design certainly played a major part in Mindtree’s website doing so well in our ranking. The website is very attractive, featuring smart widgets, a great colour scheme, effective diagrams and a people-focused approach. But, we’d also want to highlight the intelligent approach to website structure.

What can you learn from Mindtree’s website?

Design plays a huge role in presenting your company to the world, and should never be an afterthought. Mindtree have clearly paid huge attention to their brand’s design guidelines throughout the website, which makes the user’s experience feel consistent and logical.

websites of Microsoft Partners

8. AvePoint

Score: 77.4%

Headquartered in New Jersey, AvePoint are experts on migration to, management of and security in the Microsoft cloud.

AvePoint’s website made the list because:

AvePoint’s website excels at two things: navigation and content. It’s incredibly easy for visitors to the site to find what they’re looking for, with a logical and sensible layout of pages populated with clear, jargon-free copy.

What can you learn from AvePoint’s website?

Aim for simplicity. This can be harder than it sounds – AvePoint provides a wide range of services, and so narrowing that down to the essential messages is a challenge. Also, avoid the temptation to create numerous drop-down menus and overly complex pages.

websites of Microsoft Partners

7. Tech Experts

Score: 78%

Tech Experts have been providing a range of managed services to SMEs in Michigan since 1987.

Tech Experts’ website made the list because:

The website scored well technically on Sitebeam’s analysis, but we also liked the content on the website a lot too. The copywriting is excellent – friendly, approachable and informative, meaning the reader immediately feels like the company understands their problems.

What can you learn from Tech Experts’ website?

If your business focuses on providing managed services to local companies, Tech Experts’ website will provide valuable inspiration. As with other companies on this list, simplicity is the defining factor here. The website navigation is straightforward, Tech Experts avoid lengthy and confusing pages, and instead prioritise simplicity and getting their message across.

websites of Microsoft Partners

6. Sharegate

Score: 78.4%

A leader in the world of SharePoint and Office 365 content migration, Sharegate’s migration and reporting tools are used by thousands of organisations worldwide.

Sharegate’s website made the list because:

Sharegate’s website is a masterclass in smart, simple and slick design. The website is exceptionally well optimized for SEO, easy to navigate, uses calls to action, videos and great imagery throughout.

What can you learn from Sharegate’s website?

For Microsoft Partners selling specific products, Sharegate’s website is an amazing source of inspiration. We’re particularly impressed by their product pages which make good use of screenshots to demonstrate how their solutions work. These are coupled with great customer quotes and FAQs.

websites of Microsoft Partners

5. Peak 10

Score: 78.9%

With a presence across North America, Peak 10 is an IT infrastructure provider focused on helping clients use technology in smarter ways.

Peak 10’s website made the list because:

Peak 10 have opted for a unique approach to laying out their web pages, with information collated in a series of (often interactive) tiles. This makes the user’s journey through the website highly intuitive.

What can you learn from Peak 10’s website?

Opting for a less ‘traditional’ structure to their website layout makes Peak 10 stand out. It can be tempting to go overboard on ‘interesting features’, and end up with a website that’s a total mess. If you want to create a more unusual website, Peak 10’s simple yet effective tiled approach is the way to go.

websites of Microsoft Partners

4. OnRamp

Score: 79%

Founded in Texas in 1994, OnRamp provides enterprise-class data centres, where they deploy hybrid cloud computing solutions, managed hosting and colocation services.

OnRamp’s website made the list because:

OnRamp’s website is a real all-rounder in our list. It finds a great balance between simple navigation, great website copy and smart design and imagery.

What can you learn from OnRamp’s website?

OnRamp just do everything ‘right’ for an enterprise IT website. In terms of the customer experience, the website ticks all the boxes:

  • Plenty of great videos
  • Clear, easy to understand copy
  • Reasonably short, yet informative pages
  • Effective calls-to-action
  • Linking between pages
  • Un-pretentious design
  • An easy-to-understand value proposition
  • Obvious navigation ‘funnel’ for the visitor to follow
  • Great client quotes

websites of Microsoft Partners

3. Net@Work

Score: 79.1%

Net@Work are a full-service IT and business consultancy who provide a range of business solutions.

Net@Work’s website made the list because:

As with OnRamp, Net@Work’s website scored well on Sitebeam because it consistently did all the important things right – from use of meta tags, to having a good amount of content on each page to keeping content fresh and regularly updated.

What can you learn from Net@Work’s website?

What makes Net@Work stand out is the way they are so consistent in the fundamentals of website best practice. Being rigorous and consistent when updating your site, being mobile friendly, connecting with social media profiles and using strong page titles all help. Create a checklist of everything you can do to tweak and improve your website on a regular basis.

websites of Microsoft Partners


Score: 79.3%

HCSS are a software company founded in 1986 who focus on providing technology to support the construction industry.

HCSS’s website made the list because:

HCSS’s website is very attractively designed, with great use of whitespace, branding and imagery. We are also highly impressed by the quality of website copy which makes it easy to understand what the firm does and who they help.

What can you learn from HCSS’s website?

If your business focuses on a specific industry (as HCSS focus on construction), this is the model you should follow. The website is very intelligently optimised for their target audience, helping IT buyers at construction companies find out what they need.

We were also impressed by their proactive approach to using the website for promoting good causes they are currently engaged in. At the time of Hurricane Harvey, they immediately set up a relief fund and promoted this on their website – evidence of a business using all their assets to support a cause.

websites of Microsoft Partners

1. BetterCloud

Score: 79.4%

New York City’s BetterCloud provide a powerful tool for managing all of a company’s SaaS applications from one place. They scored highest in our rankings of almost 30,000 Microsoft Partners for their company website – a huge accolade.

BetterCloud’s website made the list because:

BetterCloud have an incredibly well-designed website – it’s clear that a lot of thought and planning has been put into the design and user experience. Every box has been ticked here in terms of design, content, SEO and navigation. Pages are elegant, content is concise and navigation is easy.

What can you learn from BetterCloud’s website?

Simplify, simplify, simplify. BetterCloud waste no space, content or pages on anything but the essentials. While they do have the advantage of selling one product (as compared to companies that might sell multiple tools or services), BetterCloud’s website is so effective because it is so simple. Sure, not every website can be as simple and straightforward as this, but it should be the goal.

Perhaps most innovatively, BetterCloud have also removed ‘dropdown menus’ from their navigation bar, instead providing tabs in-page. This is a sign of a firm who have spent a lot of time thinking about how they prioritise their messaging.

Feeling inspired?

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