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3 biggest B2B marketing challenges (and how to solve them)

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When it comes to B2B marketing challenges, B2B companies tend to struggle with their approach.

Chief among perceived B2B marketing challenges is the belief that marketing only works in the business-to-consumer space. In B2B marketing channels your task is to acquire a qualified lead, in B2C marketing you are responsible to generate a sale. The problems in B2B marketing generally arise when teams of people are tasked with educating and promoting products and services which are complex and technical in nature. The B2B buying process is also a lot more complicated than B2C, meaning you’ll often find webs of dealers, distributors and manufacturer reps – rather than a straightforward process that goes straight from advertising to purchasing. Therefore marketers and B2B business owners in general, constantly struggle with knowing where to invest resources for meaningful ROI.

At Fifty Five and Five, we’ve focused on solving B2B marketing challenges for Microsoft Partners. Here are our top 3 B2B marketing challenges, with a little help on how to solve them.

B2B marketing problems you can solve today

1. Standing out online

A weak online presence is one of the biggest issues for B2B companies. In this digital age almost every human being has an online presence, and we all expect to find our favourite products and services online too.

For instance. Despite their expertise, they were relying on word of mouth and referrals to draw in new clients—an inconsistent method without much sting in its tail.

When it comes to drawing in organic leads, SEO is the way to go (and slowly but surely becoming the ONLY way to go). So, developing an SEO strategy that not only optimises your website but provides long-term, incremental improvement could positively boost your lead generation. As we’ve witnessed first-hand, with the help of a consistent strategy you could significantly increase your number of unique visitors per month.

2. Wilting brand awareness

Staying competitive is a big challenge for B2B companies. In the past, being able to reach a wide audience was near impossible without the resources of a large corporation. Now even a young start-up can launch a dynamic marketing strategy using platforms like social media, free events and webinars to create a rapport with their customers. But with other countless digital media outlets, consumers can easily discover your competitors making staying competitive even harder.

If SEO is becoming a necessity for getting your content read, a social media presence is crucial for driving online engagement. If you aren’t on the essential social platforms LinkedIn and Twitter (and Facebook, to a slightly lesser degree) then what are you waiting for? For those that want to improve their audience reach, and in turn get more potential customers discovering your company, find out how to boost your content to social media influencers.

3. Customer engagement

Customer relationships are at the core of every business. Part of the problem is how accessible competing companies have become to consumers. Social media – and the internet in general – pushes messages to consumers 24/7, making it hard to have your voice heard amidst the noise.

The only way to get your voice heard is to create genuinely interesting, quality content that people want to read.

But creating worthy content isn’t enough. Getting your content in front of the right audience is the most important thing. In this instance, great content marketing is the surest way to drive engagement from your customers. A strategic plan will produce measurable results on the success of each campaign, to ensure your spend is being used in the most effective way.

The proof is in the platform

Creating engaging content is a sure way to bolster engagement, but the platforms you choose to present your content on is equally important. For instance, thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn help CEOs to establish authority in their field, by sparking community conversations. Over time, regular blogging creates consistency for customers, which in turn can help to establish a brand as reliable and professional. Find out how to amplify your content with effective content marketing.

Cherish your customers

For B2B technology companies a good reputation is paramount to your brand standing above the rest.

Giving a genuine human element to your company can really help turn a faceless company into a personal, relatable and trustworthy brand, placing you miles ahead of your competitors. So, one thing to remember is to always follow up with customers. Send brief emails after phone-calls, summarising the main points that you’ve discussed, and always send ‘thank you’ emails after the deal is complete. Doing this shows customers that you’re in this to build continual business and if you can keep a connection to your customers then you’re already one step ahead of your competition.


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