AR and out-of-home advertising: Crafting unforgettable experiences

Imagine a world where static billboards come alive, directly interacting, and engaging with you, the viewer. AR, when combined with out of home advertising, is set to transform passive viewing into active engagement.

Pranita Tamang
3 MIN|August 7, 2023
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As you navigate through city streets or commute to work, it’s hard not to notice the sea of advertisements around you. Augmented Reality (AR), a once futuristic concept, has steadily been reshaping industries from gaming to retail.

Now, it promises to redefine the landscape of out-of-home advertising, melding the digital and the tangible into captivating experiences.

Imagine a world where static billboards come alive, directly interacting, and engaging with you, the viewer. AR, when combined with out-of-home advertising, is set to transform passive viewing into active engagement.

The power of AR in out-of-home advertising

Today, in our hyper-connected age, we are flooded with digital advertisements – pop-ups on websites, sponsored content on social feeds, and video ads that play before our favourite online clips. Amidst this, traditional out-of-home advertising faces the challenge of standing out. This is where AR steps in, introducing a fresh dimension to out-of-home advertising.

With AR, those static billboards or posters can become dynamic platforms, inviting you, the user, to not just view but interact. Imagine pointing your smartphone at a billboard and watching it spring to life, offering you a 3D product demo or an interactive story that you can control.

Beyond billboards: Innovative channels for AR-driven OOH advertising

For decades, billboards and posters stood as silent sentinels, broadcasting messages to anyone who passed by. But imagine a world where these static sentinels spring to life, engaging directly with you. Augmented Reality is turning this imaginative scenario into daily reality, and the realm of out-of-home advertising is richer for it.

  • Interactive Storytelling: Instead of a mere glance at a billboard promoting a new software suite, AR invites you on a journey. Point your smartphone at it, and suddenly, you’re navigating a virtual office space, experiencing how the software streamlines workflows, enhances communication or even protects data in real time.
  • Live Data Showcases: Envision this – as you stroll downtown, a billboard for a cutting-edge smart home system catches your eye. With AR, the display transforms, showing real-time energy savings stats from homes using the system. Dive in further with an AR app, and you might find yourself in a virtual home, adjusting thermostats, dimming lights, and seeing the immediate impact on energy consumption.
  • 3D Product Tours: Gone are the days of static images showcasing the latest tech gadget. Now, billboards serve as portals to 3D worlds. Interested in the latest drone technology? An AR-enhanced billboard might let you pilot a virtual drone, experiencing its features firsthand – from its camera quality to its flight stability.

Building facades, bus stops, and even park benches – AR is turning everyday spaces into interactive tech adventures. This is the new face of out-of-home advertising – immersive, dynamic, and endlessly fascinating.

Riding the AR wave in OOH advertising

As AR is transforming out-of-home advertising as we know it, the horizon of advertising promises much more than billboards and transit ads. AR-driven booths at tech expos or virtual tech displays in public spaces illustrate the future of this marketing channel. B2B tech companies that harness AR’s potential in their out-of-home advertising strategies will undoubtedly lead the evolution.

As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for engagement grow exponentially:

  • Virtual Pop-Up Events: Imagine city squares or parks transforming into virtual event grounds. With AR, attend a tech product launch, interact with virtual representatives, or even network with fellow attendees, all from the comfort of a public space.
  • Geo-Targeted Advertisements: As you move around a city, your location can determine the AR content you see. Approaching a tech convention? Your AR device might display ads or information about the event, ensuring timely and contextually relevant engagement.
  • Interactive Learning Zones: Public spaces can transform into hubs of knowledge. Interested in a new software? With AR, engage in hands-on tutorials, virtual workshops, or troubleshooting simulations, making out-of-home advertising not just about promotion but education.

The AR frontier in out-of-home advertising

The fusion of AR and out-of-home advertising presents an exciting frontier for consumers and advertisers. Brands are no longer limited to one-way communication. With AR, they invite you into their world, offering experiences that are immersive, interactive, and unforgettable.

For B2B tech marketers, the message is clear: Embrace AR in your out-of-home advertising strategies. Stand out, engage deeply, and leave an unforgettable mark.

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