Unwrap the perfect festive campaign with these B2B Christmas email subject lines

Learn how to write the most enticing Christmas email subject lines for your B2B holiday marketing campaign.

William Sale
3 MIN|December 22, 2022
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and your inbox is already full to the brim like a Christmas stocking. Festive emails spreading cheer, goodwill and marketing are pouring out left, right and centre.

You’ve probably launched your own B2B holiday marketing campaigns, trying to reach out to clients and grab their attention. But how can you make sure your B2B email campaigns are like sweet mince pie and not a lump of coal in the stocking?

It starts with your Christmas email subject line. This is what first grabs your clients’ attention and entices them to read your holiday messages.

So, here’s a few festive subject lines for this year with sprinkling of advice on how to make your emails jingle all the way.

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Our favourite B2B Christmas email subject lines

Making a subject line sing isn’t easy. In the world of B2B marketing, we’ve seen zingers and a few duds in our time. But with a bit of imagination and Christmas cheer, you can engage your audience and encourage them into a customer journey with your business.

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Rules for writing B2B festive subject lines

Landing that dream festive subject line isn’t easy. To create one that’s as shiny as Rudolph’s nose requires a certain finesse. Here’s a few tips that can help:

     1. Unwrap customer pain points

Marketing 101 still counts at Christmas. Knowing what challenges your clients around Christmas time is a sure-fire way to develop a subject line that gets them engaged in how you can help. For example, if a client has a series of projects that they’re struggling to finish and get to market, then reference that in the subject line. The rest of the email can then set out how you’re going to solve their problem.

     2. Leave candy, not coal

Evoking the right emotions is how you get everybody on board. Your clients are going to be as pressured as you are and have their own KPIs to hit. Language needs to be felt on a gut level.

     3. It’s a Wonderful Mobile!

Keeping mobile in mind for your holiday marketing campaigns is important. When it comes to your Christmas email subject lines, it’s best practice to ensure that the character count is mobile-friendly. Keeping it short and sweet will hit the spot like a glass of sherry.

     4. “Stop the snowman from melting!”

Like above, time is of the essence. This may not always be the case, but if you want to really grab attention, then a time-sensitive subject line is an effective way to get your clients to act fast.

     5. ♫ On the Xth day of Christmas, my best client gave to me… ♫

See what’s missing? Numbers. While the last thing you want to see at Christmas is a reminder of how bad at maths you are, numbers drive successful content more than what you think. In fact, odd numbers in a subject line can lead to 20% better performing click-through rates. If numbers bring Christmas cheer to you then, read our blog here.

We’re not on the naughty list

We know the B2B technology marketing space. Boosting your campaigns and helping you achieve your ambitions is what we do best – any time of year. Our experts will go far beyond the Christmas email subject lines and holiday marketing campaigns, providing the in-depth expertise that gets all reindeers in line.

If you’re looking for a marketing partner to level-up your campaigns, then let’s talk.

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