How we did it: The inside scoop on the Microsoft Partner Top 50

Find out about our internal process of creating the Top 50 Microsoft Partner report and how it all began in our latest podcast.

Pranita Tamang
0 MIN|December 9, 2020
Podcast image - Hybrid working: is it here to stay?

Episode #2 of our podcast is about the Microsoft Partner Top 50. For the last six years, Fifty Five and Five have produced an annual inbound marketing excellence report, celebrating the marketing efforts of organisations across the Microsoft Partner Network. In this episode we speak to Fifty Five and Five’s Barnaby Ellis (Head of Creative) and Stephen Reilly (Head of Content), about the release of the new Top 50 website, the transformation from hard copy report to a digital website. We also discuss the origins of the Microsoft Partner Top 50, from a piece of marketing in its own right to a solution that helps partners of all sizes improve their inbound marketing.