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Fifty Five and Five engaged by global talent acquisition company on digital and rebrand project

B2B agency Fifty Five and Five are working with talent.ai on a project that looks set to significantly disrupt the talent acquisition landscape.

talent.ai provides a single point of truth for the most demanded skills in global tech. They are experts at building successful talent acquisition processes that attract the talent their clients need to transform their businesses. talent.ai has an AI-enabled platform and embedded talent success managers that provide funded technology companies access to the most in-demand global talent.

Fifty Five and Five is working to bring talent.ai, a brand-new venture, to market. They have created a fresh, modern brand, a complete digital presence developed from the ground up, and have built a technology platform to support the new company.

David Ward, talent.ai co-founder said that he was excited to share the project within the industry: “The team at Fifty Five and Five have been doing some really amazing work on this. It’s a significant move for us and we can’t wait to see how this impacts the talent world.”

Tim Hosking, talent.ai co-founder, added: “The talent acquisition landscape is ripe for disruption, and talent.ai will be at the very forefront of that.”

The new brand is launching mid-2022. It’s a project that required the input of the entire Fifty Five and Five team: creative, digital marketing, content and SEO, and one that looks set to cement them as a leading full-service B2B agency.

CEO of Fifty Five and Five, Chris Wright, said: “This project proves just how much value we can add for our clients in every area of their business. It’s been great working with Iperium over the last year and we can’t wait to see the impact this project is going to have on the talent industry.”

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