Google algorithm change timeline

A History of Search: Google Algorithm Change Timeline

  • Google’s algorithm updates have a huge impact on your SEO strategy
  • Read our timeline of Google algorithm search update history
For better or worse, Google’s algorithms are widely recognised as having an enormous impact on what people find out about the world. From news and views to shopping and entertainment, appearing high up in Google’s listings has always been essential. In fact, one study (it’s admittedly dated, though still pertinent) found that 91% of Google users don’t even go beyond the first page of search when looking for information.

While there’s no doubt that consistent, quality SEO best-practice will help you along the way to improving your company’s rankings in Google, all your hard work can be undone by a change in Google’s own algorithms (the set of ‘tests’ that Google applies to websites to decide where they are placed in the list of search results). Often, these updates arrive unannounced, and can wreak havoc on where a company appears in the rankings.

At Fifty Five and Five, we keep our collective ears close to the ground to stay attuned to all the latest updates from Google—it’s crucial for ensuring our clients’ SEO strategies are still returning the results they expect (contact us today to learn more about SEO strategy). Over the years, we’ve built up a log of the major changes to Google’s algorithms and other updates to the platform, and decided to share Google algorithm change timeline since the year 2000.

The timeline of search: Google algorithm updates

Our Google algorithm change timeline traces all the major updates since the year 2000. Of course, the updates keep on coming, so over time, we’ll be adding to this list as well. Feel free to download this Google algorithm change timeline and share!

Google algorithm change timeline

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