Fifty Five and Five
Now in its fourth edition
Microsoft Top 50
Inbound Marketing
Excellence Report
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The Fifty Five and Five Inbound Marketing Excellence report, now in its fourth year, has fast become an industry bible when it comes to Microsoft Partner digital marketing.

We carefully analyse and test tens of thousands of partners from across the globe, to find the very best examples of websites, blogs and social channels. This year's report was launched at the Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas in July 2018, and is available for download here.

An exclusive foreword from Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President One Commercial Partner Channel Chief.

A showcase of marketing excellence in the partner network, with exclusive insights and analysis.

Learn from the best, with profiles and data on the top 250 partners (drawn from our analysis of over 39,000).

We are a digital marketing agency, specialising in working with Microsoft Partners. We help Partners communicate more effectively, reach new audiences, and drive leads.
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